Are beaches free in Cape May NJ?

Are beach tags required at Cape May Point?

Beach Tags Required

Everyone 12 and over must have a beach tag to access any Cape May Point Beach from the 3rd Saturday in June through Labor Day. Beach tags are required while lifeguards are on duty and all tags can be purchased on the beaches from any Beach Tag Inspector once beaches open for the season.

Why can't you swim at Cape May Point?

Cape May Point State Park

The beach is free but swimming is still prohibited due to underwater hazards, like railroad tracks and the remnants of World War II gun batteries.
Jul 1, 2009

What time is Point Pleasant beach free?

The beach is open every day from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Lifeguards are on duty from 9:30 am until 5:30pm. There are two bath houses (bathrooms and changing rooms) on the boardwalk. One is located at the end of the Broadway Avenue and the other at the end of Parkway Avenue.

Is Ocean City NJ beach free?

Beach tag fees: None, the beaches here are free. While here, check out: This beach, just south of Ocean City, is a popular location for fishing, crabbing, and boating. Beach tag fees: Daily-$5; Weekly-$10; Season-$25. While here, check out: Amusement rides, miniature golf, and shopping in downtown Ocean City.Jun 9, 2017

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Can you drink alcohol on Cape May beaches?

Cape May: No Public Alcohol Consumption on Promenade.


Does Cape May beach have bathrooms?

Cape May's public restrooms are called "Comfort Stations" and may be found on the Washington St. Mall and Washington Commons, as well as along the beach and promenade. ... Mall "Comfort Station" Locations are open year-round.


Are Cape May beaches open to the public?

Ocean beaches in each resort are lifeguard protected and open daily during the daytime hours from Memorial Day through Labor Day. ... All Cape May County bathing beaches are monitored and tested regularly by the Cape May County Health Department under the guidelines of the State of New Jersey.


Why is it called Poverty Beach?

The name of this beach, Poverty Beach, is said to have originated with the poorer classes who could use only this beach in times past. The distance of Poverty Beach from popular contemporary Cape May tourist attractions and accommodations usually assures fewer people and more peace.


Does Cape May beach have a boardwalk?

Cape May's promenade runs parallel to Beach Avenue and stretches for nearly two miles, taking you on a scenic walk or run past Cape May's beaches. Though it's sometimes referred to as a boardwalk, our promenade is actually paved (the last wooden boardwalk was destroyed in the 1962 nor'easter).


Can you smoke on Cape May beach?

CAPE MAY — Cape May has gone smoke-free on its beaches and the Washington Street Mall.Jun 11, 2021


Does Cape May have hard water?

You will find soft water in the Atlantic City area, and even softer water in Cape May. So, the water hardness (and taste and quality) varies greatly.Oct 24, 2016


Is Cape May safe at night?

Do you feel safe walking alone at night in Cape May? Extremely safe. Night or day, it's a very safe place.


What happened to the beaches at Cape May?

The jetties impeded sand migration from Wildwood and other northern points, hindering the natural process that replaced what Cape May lost to the ocean each year. By the 1980s, many of Cape May's northern beaches had eroded back to the seawall, so that water lapped up against the cement.Oct 8, 2016

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