Are Kids Free at London Zoo?

How long does it take to walk around London Zoo?

Recommended visiting time for the London Zoo is around two to three hours, depending on how many animals or exhibits you hope to see. It's highly recommended that you arrive more than a few hours before last entry so you're not rushed during your visit.

Is the London Zoo worth it?

There are plenty of good exhibits and some of the newer enclosures are very good indeed, but for good reasons most of the larger animals are now at Whipsnade but there is still a Tiger and Lion exhibit, plus the giraffe house. The aquarium is an old exhibit but it was still a very good example.

Is London Zoo expensive?

London Zoo ticket prices

When you book them in advance, London Zoo's tickets cost £24.30 for visitors 16 years and above and £18 for kids between three to 15 years. When you book your tickets online in advance, you save 18% of the ticket cost. London Zoo ticket is 18% costlier if bought at the gates.

Do you have to wear a mask at London Zoo?

We'll still be asking you to wear masks in some areas

To keep the animals in our walkthrough exhibits as safe as possible (the areas where visitors share the same space as our animals) we will be asking all visitors aged over 11yrs without exemptions to wear facemasks.

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What is a London Zoo Flexi ticket?

Flexi-ticket or open-ended ticket: Available at additional charge, Flexi tickets are valid for a single visit any day within twelve months from the date of purchase only.


Has London Zoo got a car park?

By car. ZSL London Zoo's car park is on Outer Circle, Regent's Park – plus we're outside of the congestion charging zone. Sat nav: NW1 4SX. ... A disabled parking bay is available in front of the Zoo entrance, with other dedicated spaces on the main road (up to four hours) and in the main car park.


Is there free parking near London Zoo?

Free from 10am Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays and school holidays. Parking space subject to availability.) Visitors using the car park but not visiting ZSL London Zoo will be charged at the applicable rate. Car park spaces cannot be reserved or guaranteed.


Is London Zoo under cover?

The majority of our outdoor exhibits also feature sheltered spaces where you can see our animals out of the rain. From the train station at Land of the Lions, to the two large viewing areas at Tiger Territory, and our family of western lowland gorillas' jungle gym at Gorilla Kingdom - all are under cover.


Are there pandas at London Zoo?

On 13 September 1974, the Guardian announced the transglobal transfer of two adolescent pandas to Britain: “Chia Chia and Ching Ching, the two young pandas given to Britain by China, will leave Peking today for their new home in London Zoo.Sep 4, 2018


What is London Zoo famous for?

Opened in 1828 by the Zoological Society of London, ZSL London Zoo is the world's oldest scientific zoo and the brainchild of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, who was also renowned for founding Singapore.Apr 27, 2018


Can you hire a buggy at London Zoo?

At both of our Zoos, pushchairs are available to hire from the gift shop. The single buggies are £10 to hire and we take a £15 refundable deposit.


How long does it take to visit the London Zoo?

  • How long does London Zoo take London Zoo is spread over 14-hectares (35 acres) with a wide variety of exhibits, both open air as well as indoors. If you explore at a brisk pace, you can cover most of the animals and exhibits in three to four hours. Families who want to explore as much of London Zoo as possible end up spending around 5-6 hours .


What animals are there at London Zoo?

  • Christmas isn't just for humans; at London Zoo, the animals are given presents to enjoy. On Thursday morning, animals including the tigers and meerkats were given festive treats. Six-month-old Sumatran tiger cubs Achilles and Karis woke up to a pile of presents to rip open.


Where is ZSL London Zoo?

  • Zsl London Zoo Contact Phone Number is : +44(0)-844-225-1826, (020)-7449-6236. and Address is Regent's Park, London, NW14RY, New Westminster, London, United Kingdom. The ZSL London Zoo or the London Zoo is the first scientific British zoo opened in 1828 and operational for public since 1847.


How much is London Zoo?

  • London Zoo ticket prices. When you book them in advance, London Zoo’s tickets cost £24.30 for visitors 16 years and above and £18 for kids between three to 15 years. When you book your tickets online in advance, you save 18% of the ticket cost. London Zoo ticket is 18% costlier if bought at the gates.

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