Are there any other places like the villages in Florida?

Is Lakewood Ranch like the villages?

The community boasts A-Rated schools, trails and parks, a sports campus, farmer's market, golf and country clubs, resort-style pools, shopping and dining. ... Unlike The Villages, Lakewood Ranch is a multi-generational community. The average age of residents is 47. It also includes senior living facilities.Jul 17, 2021

Why you shouldn't live in Florida?

Florida is known for its natural disasters, like hurricanes and sinkholes. Hurricanes can be deadly, and repairing storm damage done to a home or business could cost a lot. Hurricanes can knock out electrical grids in neighborhoods.Dec 4, 2017

Is it better to retire in Florida or Arizona?

Florida edges out Arizona for the win, with eight overall victories versus Arizona's five. With over 700 retirement communities, Florida is truly a haven for seniors; it has no income or Social Security tax, low listing prices and a cost of living below the national average.Sep 3, 2020

What's the largest retirement community in Florida?

The Villages seems like a place right out of a movie. It's America's largest retirement community, a sprawling, gated complex straddling three counties in Florida about 70 miles north of Orlando, and well known for its role in Donald Trump's 2016 presidential win.Jan 14, 2021

image-Are there any other places like the villages in Florida?
image-Are there any other places like the villages in Florida?

What is a resort style community?

A resort-style community is a type of managed community with unique amenities that's typically near an attraction, like an ocean, lake, or ski mountain. Often, these communities are built by hotel developers that saw an opportunity or demand for residential properties.


How much is a retirement home in Florida?

The average cost of assisted living in Florida in 2020, according to Genworth's 2019 Cost of Care Survey, is $3,500 per month. However, the range of cost across the state varies greatly, with an average low of $2,836 / month and an average high of $5,375 / month.


What are the rules for 55+ communities in Florida?

For a community to be considered "housing for older persons" as a 55+ community, the housing must be intended and operated for occupancy by persons 55 years of age or older and meet the following requirements: At least 80% of the occupied units are occupied by at least one person 55 years of age or older.

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