Are there bears in Wharton State Forest?

What is the biggest forest in NJ?

Wharton State Forest is the largest single tract of land within the New Jersey State Park System. It contains in excess of 110,000 acres in Atlantic, Burlington, and Camden counties.

Can I drive in Wharton State Forest?

What is the Wharton State Forest Motorized Access Plan? The Wharton State Forest Motorized Access Plan is designed to make the many activities available in the Forest accessible to visitors driving on-road motor vehicles, while also preserving and protecting the Forest's precious and irreplaceable natural environment.

Whats the biggest park in NJ?

New Jersey's state park system includes properties as small as the 32-acre (0.13 km2) Barnegat Lighthouse State Park to the 115,000-acre (470 km2) Wharton State Forest, the state's largest.

Is Godfrey Bridge campground open?

Godfrey Bridge:

Campsites open all year.

image-Are there bears in Wharton State Forest?
image-Are there bears in Wharton State Forest?

Are there coyotes in the New Jersey Pine Barrens?

The Pine Barrens today is home to 34 species of mammals. ... Large mammals are now restricted to white-tailed deer, coyotes, the rare bobcat, beavers and reclusive river otters.


Are there bears in the New Jersey Pine Barrens?

Bears are roaming the New Jersey Pine Barrens again for the first time in generations, to the delight of nature lovers and the chagrin of berry growers. ... Near extinction in New Jersey 50 years ago, there are now at least 1,100 North American black bears in the state.Apr 9, 2001


Do people live in the NJ Pine Barrens?

Today over 400,000 people live inside the Pinelands boundary. More than 20 million people live within 60 miles of the Pinelands. Residential subdivisions, shopping malls, offices and roads have eliminated and fragmented much of the original Pine Barrens ecosystem.


Who owns the NJ Pine Barrens?

Approximately 50 percent of the Pinelands National Reserve is owned publicly. This includes Municipal, County, State, and Federal holdings and facilities.Mar 31, 2012


Can you swim in Blue Hole NJ?

At its deepest point, the Blue Hole is 100 feet (30 m) The bottom appears to consist of sand rather than mud. Swimming and diving in the Blue Hole are both illegal, but not enforced. It remains a popular swimming spot during the summer.


Can you ride dirt bikes in Wharton State Forest?

While the state occasionally grades some of the more prominent roads, they may be impassible at times. ... New Jersey state law states that off-road vehicles such as quads and dirt bikes are prohibited on state land. Motorized recreation in Wharton State Forest is allowed with special conditions.Jul 24, 2012


Can you hunt in Wharton State Forest?

The thrill of the hunt is alive at Wharton State Forest. If you are a hunter, you will be excited to discover that the forest has over 108,895 acres of huntable land open during hunting season. Wharton State Forest is a popular area for hunting deer, small game, waterfowl, and turkey.

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