Are tours at Ground Zero worth the money?

Are tours at Ground Zero worth the money?

  • In remembrance, we created tours to make your visit a "once in a lifetime experience". Let us guide you through Ground Zero and the 9-11 Memorial as you hear stories of tragedy, heroism and hope. Absolutely worth every penny. Tim was our tour guide for this activity.

Can I change my 9/11 Ground Zero tour date?

  • For the 9/11 Ground Zero tour portion, you can always reschedule your tour without penalty if you would like to change to a different day. In the rare case of downpours or undoable weather conditions, we will cancel the tour and offer refund.

Is the 9/11 Ground Zero museum workshop at Ground Zero?

  • The 9/11 Ground Zero Museum Workshop is located in the historic Meatpacking District of New York City at 420 West 14th Street and NOT at Ground Zero. Plan your whole day in our neighborhood! After your tour, visit the famed Chelsea Market Eateries (Home of Food Network), Manhattan Fruit Market’s Amazing Salad Bar,...

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