Can we extend accommodation in Tirumala?

Can we book rooms in Tirumala online?

One of the most economical accommodation options is to book the rooms offered by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Board. ... The accommodations are available only through online booking, and pilgrims have to book their rooms well in advance to snag a room to stay during their trip.Mar 15, 2021

What is the room cost in Tirumala?

For pilgrims visiting Srivari Darshanam, room facilities are ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 3,000. Currently, only Rs 100, Rs 500, Rs 600, Rs 999 and Rs 1500 are allotted through online. A large percentage of pilgrims visiting Tirumala tend to stay in rooms for Rs. 100.Nov 7, 2019

Can I book rooms in Tirumala?

There are huge accommodation facilities available at Tirumala. There are guest houses called Sri Padmavathi guest houses, Sri Venkateswara guest houses, Sri Varahaswami guest houses. There are Choultries and there are even free dharamshalas available. Once you reach Tirumala, ask for "Choultry" accommodation.

Can we get private rooms in Tirumala?

There are no private hotels in Tirumala.

image-Can we extend accommodation in Tirumala?
image-Can we extend accommodation in Tirumala?

Can we get rooms in tirumala without booking?

the chances to get a room at tirumala, without prior reservation are - ZERO.


How many rooms can stay in Tirumala?

Accommodation in Tirumala will be organised on an alternate (Odd-Odd, Even-Even) mode to pilgrims and only two persons per room will be allowed to stay in Tirumala only for 24 hours. No extension of the rooms will be provided.Jun 8, 2020


How can I avail additional room in Tirumala?

The only official way to book multiple rooms is approaching Tirumala Devesthanam by sending the Demand Draft. Other option is 5 or 6 persons book the rooms individually using their own Photo Id from however there is no guarantee that all of you will get the same cottage.


How do I book Varahaswami guest house?

Sri Varaha Swamy Rest House 1, Tirumala, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, Phone +91 877 227 7777.


Is free darshan available at Tirupati now?

While the special entry tickets will cost Rs 300 per ticket, the Sarva darshan tickets are free of cost which can be availed by the general public. Anyone planning to visit the famous Tirupati temple can now start booking the tickets for the same. Read on to know no on how to book Tirupati online tickets.Oct 22, 2021


When Tirumala tickets will open?

TTD 300 tickets for Dev Darshanam of Tirumala Tirupati Temple online booking has started. This TTD online booking has started from 24th December 2021. This TTD Rs 300 ticket online booking is open for January 2022 Dev Darshanam.1 day ago


How many days before TTD accommodation opens?

TTD Accommodation rooms can book through online too, Pilgrims can book Darhan and accommodation from online minimum of two days and maximum 60 days in advance.Jul 13, 2021


Which Seva is good in Tirumala?

You can go for suprabhaatam and tomala seva can go little nearer to deity. All savas out side temple only. All sevas almost having complementary Darshan, Better You can check ttd site for all sevas.


What are the rules of accommodation at Tirumala temple?

  • Accommodation at Tirumala The temple administration of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has brought some amendments with effect from January 1, 2011 to ensure more transparency in allotment of accommodation to pilgrims. TTD has enforced penalty on accommodation for those pilgrims who does not vacate the rooms within 24 hours as the norms of TTD.


Can We book The guest houses in Tirumala based on name?

  • As of now, there is no facility for pilgrims to book the Guest Houses based on the name of the Guest House. TTD authority only will allot the rooms based on the availability. So, pilgrims can book only the type of room which they want and not the guest houses in Tirumala.


What are the facilities provided to pilgrims in Tirumala?

  • Electricity and water are provided free of charge. For free accommodation, pilgrims may contact the Central Reception Office, near the bus stand in Tirumala. Pilgrims can also rest in Dormitory Halls provided by TTD.


How to get darshan in Tirumala temple?

  • Most of the pilgrims who visits Tirumala temple always want to book rooms which are very near to the temple. If the accomodation near to the temple, the it will be very easy for the pilgrims to get Darshan. But before booking Rooms near the temple, pilgrims has to note few things.

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