Can you boat on Candlewood Lake?

Is Candlewood Lake open to non residents?

This 11-acre park has a picture-postcard beachfront for swimming and relaxing, as well as benches, playground, picnic tables and a concession stand. There is also a boat dock adjacent to the park. Non-residents can obtain daily passes.

Can you boat from Squantz Pond to Candlewood Lake?

The beach, swim area and main park grounds, along with hiking trails along the Pootatuck State Forest, are along the shores of Squantz Pond, which is adjacent to Candlewood. Squantz Pond State Park has a boat launch, giving visitors access to boating on Squantz Pond.

Can you take a boat on the Connecticut River?

There are numerous places in the river to stop and beach your boat and you can tube just about anywhere provided you keep a good look out. As you'd expect, the boat and jet-ski traffic on the river increases on weekends. There are coves and small rivers from Haddam south that are ideal for anchoring.

Is it safe to swim in Candlewood Lake?

Local town beaches are considered safe to swim and can reopen when toxin levels are below 15 parts per billion, Marsicano said. The Candlewood Lake Authority posted the test results Friday from the Western Connecticut State University Cyanotoxin Monitoring Program that show the levels are "well below the threshold."Jul 8, 2016

image-Can you boat on Candlewood Lake?
image-Can you boat on Candlewood Lake?

Can you drive around Candlewood Lake?

Take a drive around Candlewood Lake, the largest lake in the state of Connecticut. This drive will take you from Danbury through small towns like New Fairfield, Sherman, New Milford and Brookfield.Sep 17, 2019


Are jet skis allowed on Candlewood Lake?

This idyllic man-made lake is the largest in Connecticut at 8.4 square-miles. Due to its massive size, Candlewood Lake is a scenic spot ideal for practicing numerous watersports. Boating and jet skiing are allowed with maximum speeds of 45 mph during the day and 25 mph at night.


Is there a town under Candlewood Lake?

There is actually an underwater village lying beneath the surface of Connecticut's largest lake. Candlewood Lake is bordered by five towns: Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, New Milford and Sherman. But another village by the name of Jerusalem lies underneath the lake.Dec 20, 2017


Are dogs allowed at Candlewood Lake?

Pets may join you off-leash on the hiking trails of this beautiful wooded reservation with lovely views of Candlewood Lake. Pets may join you off-leash on the hiking trails of this beautiful wooded reservation with lovely views of Candlewood Lake.


Where can I fish in Candlewood Lake?

Best lakes to fish

For example, fishermen will find roadbeds, points, and foundations. Also, humps, milfoil, flats, and steep ledges. Candlewood hosts over 100 bass tournaments per year. Anglers consistently weigh-in bags over 20 pounds.
Oct 16, 2019


Is there access to Candlewood Lake for boating?

There is access to Candlewood Lake for boating at Latins Cove in Danbury and The Candlewood Lake Boat Launch at Squantz Pond in New Fairfield. There are 5 town beaches on Candlewood Lake for the town residents, you need a pass to access, non-residents can also have access with a pass.


What time do boat launches open in Connecticut?

Unless noted otherwise in the Connecticut Boater's Guide or in these web pages, all launches are open * to the general public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week unless otherwise noted. *When a State boat launch parking lot is full, the launch is closed and the additional launching/retrieval of vessels may not be allowed.


Does Candlewood town park have a beach?

Candlewood Town Park is in the town of Danbury, and includes playgrounds, picnic tables, boat docks, benches and a concession stand, in addition to a 600-foot swimming beach. The Candlewood Town Park beach typically has three lifeguards on duty between Memorial Day and Labor Day, though hours vary.


What is the speed limit on Candlewood Lake?

The speed limit on Candlewood is 45 mph during the day and 25 mph at night (1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise). • Where can I get gas for my boat on Candlewood Lake?

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