Can you bring dogs to Point Reyes?

Dogs: Dogs are not allowed on any of the beaches or trails at Tomales Bay State Park. Dogs are allowed only at the Vista Point picnic area and must be on leash at all times.

Are dogs allowed at Bodega Bay?

Dogs are permitted on beach, but must be leashed. Dogs are permitted except on coastal trails and at Goat Rock.Jul 7, 2014

Can I bring my dog to alamere Falls?

Dogs and other pets are prohibited at Alamere Falls. Enjoy your visit!

Is Drakes Beach Dog Friendly?

Dogs are not allowed at Drakes Beach. Drinking water and restroom facilities are available at the Kenneth C. Patrick Visitor Center. ... For more information on visiting Drakes Beach, visit or call (415) 464-5100.Jun 7, 2020

Is Dillon Beach Dog Friendly?

Dillon Beach. This private beach in the northern part of Marin is very well maintained and allows dogs - assumed they are under voice control – to be off-leash between the tide line and the water. From the parking lot to the high tide line the leash is required. There is a $10 fee per vehicle.

image-Can you bring dogs to Point Reyes?
image-Can you bring dogs to Point Reyes?

Can I bring my dog to Limantour beach?

Please note: leashed dogs are allowed on the southeast end of this beach. Dogs are not permitted to the northwest as this area is protected habitat for harbor seals and the endangered snowy plover.


Is Jenner beach dog friendly?

Sonoma Coast State Beach - Dog Friendly Beach in Jenner, CA | Wag!


Are dogs allowed at Chicken Ranch Beach?

Chicken Ranch Beach provides access to Tomales Bay and is a popular kayak spot. The small sandy beach is a serene place to relax and enjoy bucolic west Marin, have a picnic, fly a kite, or stop-over during the long drive to Point Reyes National Seashore. Dogs are allowed on leash.


Are dogs allowed at Samuel P Taylor?

Dogs (except for service animals) are permitted only in campgrounds, picnic areas, on paved trails/roads, with the following exceptions. Dogs are not permitted in the Hike & Bike campsite(s), or in the cabin area. Pets must be on a six-foot or shorter leash and confined to a tent or vehicle at night.


Can you swim at alamere Falls?

After a climb on the dirt path, you'll reach a cool, shaded forest where the trail narrows. This area is home to many swampy ponds and 4 lakes. The most popular of these, Bass Lake, is a summer swimming destination. Roughly 4 miles into your hike, you'll reach the “shortcut” trail to Alamere Falls.Nov 9, 2021


Can you swim in Drakes Bay?

Between dozens of hidden beaches and lagoons, Drake Bay is the perfect place for water activities. Go swimming, kayaking, sport fishing and horseback riding on the beach!


Why Drake beach closed?

The Drakes Beach elephant seal colony as delineated by signs at the western-most end of Drakes Beach is closed to all entry due to seal activity at all times of the year. This closure is necessary to protect an established elephant seal colony from disturbance and protect the public.

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