Can you go on a boat cruise in Durban?

Where can you go on a cruise in South Africa?

MSC operate the cruises from Durban to Portuguese Islands, Durban to Cape Town and cruises from Cape Town to Walvis Bay, as well as Luderitz. The cruises are perfect for young and old, honeymooners and pensioners and offer families an opportunity to enjoy a family holiday together.

How to get around in Durban?

On Foot: Durban's beaches and city center are within a 15-minute walking radius of the cruise terminal, but for safety, the cruise ships will often advocate taxis as a mode of transport. By Taxi: The best way to get around is by taxi.

Are there any cruises from Durban to Madagascar or Mozambique?

There are no longer cruises from Durban to Ilha de Mozambique or to Madagascar. Durban cruises are known to be the best in South Africa because of their favourable weather conditions (unfortunately cruises from Cape Town suffer the curse of the prevailing south-easterly wind), the warm waters of the Indian Ocean...

image-Can you go on a boat cruise in Durban?
image-Can you go on a boat cruise in Durban?
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