Can you see Uluru from Field of Light?

Review of Field of Light Reviewed December 12, 2017 Just beautiful! So glad that I got to see it before it finishes in March 2018.It is worth a visit. Very special with Uluru in the background.

How long does field of lights go for?

A Night at Field of Light by Helicopter

Enjoy a spectacular 30mins scenic heli-flight over Uluru & Kata Tjuta, offering a unique perspective of this magnificent region.

How much does it cost to see the field of lights?

The Field of Light at Sensorio comes alive every evening after sunset from Thursdays to Sundays, when the lights glow in waves of changing colors, and visitors can stroll around the landscape. Tickets cost $30 to $37.50 for adults and $9.50 to $22 for children depending on the day.Jun 11, 2020

Can you see the field of lights for free?

The Field of Light area is not generally accessible to the public. You won't notice it as you do your other Uluru activities.Oct 22, 2020

Can you drive yourself to Field of Light in Uluru?

No you can't drive out there on your own, you have to book one of the tours to see it.

image-Can you see Uluru from Field of Light?
image-Can you see Uluru from Field of Light?

Is Field of Lights permanent?

Visitors can experience Field of Light at dusk or sunrise, when the ancient rock asserts itself again over the land and the field fades to white. The ephemeral nature of his work, Bruce says, is really its point. “There's no point trying to make art permanent. ... Field of Light at Uluru has been extended indefinitely.


Is Field of Lights Solar?

The internationally acclaimed solar installation, Field of Light by Bruce Munro, has travelled the world and is now lighting up the heartland of Northern Territory in a not-to-be-missed experience.Jun 4, 2018


What is the best time to see Sensorio?

For the best experience, I recommend coming before sunset.

I came during June, when the sunset is at 8:30pm. So we bought 8pm time slot tickets but showed up at 7:45pm. This 45-minute window allowed us time to get through security, walk to the event, and find a nice bench to sit on before everyone else showed up.
Jun 20, 2021


What do you wear to Uluru Field of Light?

Note: Long pants and enclosed shoes are strongly recommended for all guests as the experience involves walking up and down a sand dune and a walk through Field of Light on an unsealed track.


Who owns Sensorio?

This is a true destination worthy art masterpiece and embracing experience. Now to the owners of Sensorio, Ken and Bobbi Hunter. The Hunter family has been a mainstay in the Paso Robles community for over 25 years being partners in the Hunter Ranch Golf Course and beyond.


How big is Sensorio?

Stay for the 58,800-plus technicolor flowers. Paso Robles, just 3½ hours north of Los Angeles, is home — for now, anyway — to the “Field of Light at Sensorio,” 15 acres of fiber-optic solar-powered lights.Sep 16, 2019


How much is Sensorio?

A limited number of General Admission walk-up tickets are sold on-site beginning at 6:00pm. Adult tickets are $40, and children tickets are $21 at the door.


Can you fly to Ayers Rock?

Fly. Yulara has its own airport, called Ayers Rock/Connellan Airport (airport code AYQ). You can fly directly to Yulara from a number of Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide and Alice Springs. ... Alice Springs–Yulara: 45 minutes.


How big is the field of lights?

This is the largest iteration of Bruce Munro's Field of Light to date comprising 50,000 stems. The installation covers an area of over 49,000 square metres and is a circular formation of 250 metres in diameter (or the size of four premier league football pitches). The artwork is made up of 300,000 component parts.

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