Does Destin FL have a zoo?

Does Gulf Breeze Zoo have alligators?

Enjoy feeding our giraffes, camels, and Scottish Highland cows daily! You can feed our American alligators seasonally.

How long does it take to walk through the Gulf Breeze Zoo?

Plan to spend at least 2 hours walking the 20 acres of exhibits and riding the train through another 30 acres of free roaming preserve.

Do you have to wear masks at Gulf Breeze Zoo?

February 19, 2021

Our staff is required to wear a face mask at all times when transacting with the public. We will continue to monitor the situation daily.
Feb 19, 2021

Who owns the Gulf Breeze Zoo?

Eric Mogensen is the CEO of Gulf Breeze Zoo. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, he has provided exceptional care to exotic animals, improved conservation efforts for wildlife, and educated many generations about the beautiful animals that call Gulf Breeze Zoo their home.

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Does Gulf Breeze Zoo have elephants?

No elephants. They do have hippos from a distance. However, they have a nice giraffe area where you can get pretty close. over a year ago.


Does Gulf Breeze Zoo have food?

Enjoy a delicious meal or a snack at Gulf Breeze Zoo's Watering Hole Cafe. The family-friendly menu features lunch fare including Angus cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, pizzas, Nathan's all-beef hot dogs, and kids' meals.


Are pets allowed at Gulf Breeze Zoo?

Are pets allowed? No. We do not allow pets in the zoo or on the property. Service dogs are permitted with restrictions.


Is Gulf Breeze Aza a zoo?

β€œThe Gulf Breeze Zoo and staff maintain a very professional facility with the welfare of our animals our utmost concern. ... The group evaluates zoos or aquariums around the world to make sure they meet association standards for animal management and care. There are 223 AZA accredited zoos and aquariums in the world.Jan 14, 2014


Is Gulf Breeze Zoo ethical?

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has called for the closure of the Gulf Breeze Zoo, citing various offenses including inhumane euthanasia. ... According to zoo director Stephen Jagielski, she does not work with animals at the facility.Jul 2, 2015


Can you hold a sloth in Florida?

At Wild Florida, we're lucky to have a whole family of two-toed sloths. Since people have found out that we have sloths in our Gator and Wildlife Park, they've always asked, "Can I please hold one?" And now... you can!Sep 14, 2017


Can you touch a hippo?

You can also touch and take a selfie with the hippo during the 20-minute visit. Only adults and children four years and up will be admitted. "They're known to be very, very aggressive and territorial in the wild. Obviously at the zoo, it's a little different.Feb 13, 2016


Where can I go to pet a hippo?

Hidden Los Angeles: A Place Where You Can Pet a Hippo (And Survive!) Los Angeles Zoo - Hippo Encounter. One of the most unique things to do in LA. The hippos come waddling out to see us!Dec 19, 2017


Where is the Gulf Breeze Zoo in Florida?

The Gulf Breeze Zoo (originally The Zoo Northwest Florida) is a 50-acre (20 ha) zoo located in Gulf Breeze, Florida.


What kind of animals are at the Gulf Breeze Zoo?

The Gulf Breeze Zoo is home to over 800 animals from nearly every continent and of almost every size – from 1-ounce budgies to 6,000-pound rhinos. Learn more about all of them, especially our featured animals. Suggest edits to improve what we show.


Is there a zoo in Navarre Florida?

The Gulf Breeze Zoo (originally The Zoo Northwest Florida) is a 50-acre (20 ha) zoo located in Navarre, Florida. It has over 900 exotic animals including rhinos, hippos, Western lowland gorillas, and orangutans that visitors can view during an African preserve train ride.


How old is the Gulf Coast Zoo in Florida?

It was established in its current location in 1984 by four local businessmen. Pat Quinn, one of the founders, became its first director. The zoo began with about 60 animals on 19 acres of land. In 2004, unable to make a profit, the founders handed over ownership to the nonprofit Gulf Coast Zoological Society.

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