Does it snow in Paris in winter?

When is the best time of year to visit Paris?

  • Springtime in Paris may get all the glory, but a strong case can be made for exploring the City of Light when the days are long and dark. The “off-season” is November to March, and while the name implies a visit during those months is less-than-ideal, in truth the city’s charm doesn’t wane as temperatures drop.

What to do in Paris in the summer?

  • Careful packing requires umbrella for visiting Paris at summer. June – Diner en Blanc, Prix de Diane, Gay Pride, Fete de la Musique. July – Bastille Day, Tour de France. July-August – La Villette Outdoor Movie Theater, Paris Plage. August – Rock en Seine, Nights of the Stars.

What is the weather like in Paris in March?

  • March in Paris is known for its uncertain nature. Weather shifts in certain range though in general daytime average of the month is 12-13 °C (53-55 °F) while at night it cools down to 3-4 °C (37-39 °F). Amount of rainfall increases with amount of sunshine hours thus the city dries quickly after another shower.

image-Does it snow in Paris in winter?
image-Does it snow in Paris in winter?
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