Does the World of Coke have metal detectors?

How long does the GA Aquarium take?

We recommend about 3-4 hours to view our entire Aquarium. Weekends are our busiest times, so be sure to arrive early.

Is World of Coke free?

World of Coca-Cola provides free public Wi-Fi access throughout the attraction and outside at Pemberton Place. Be sure to take advantage of the Land & Sea Membership Package, which allows you a reduced fee for the nearby Georgia Aquarium. Discount ticket prices are available for groups of 25 or more.

How much is parking at World of Coke?

Parking is available at the official World of Coca‑Cola parking garage for a fee of $12 per vehicle for 0-4 hours or $17 per vehicle for 4+ hours. The entrance is located at the stoplight on Ivan Allen Jr.

Does World of Coke have a student discount?

Special Offer Details: • To take advantage of the $10 college student ticket offer, World of Coca-Cola guests should present their valid college student IDs. ... Each student may purchase up to 4 tickets at $10 each when they present their valid college student ID at ticketing.Aug 9, 2018

image-Does the World of Coke have metal detectors?
image-Does the World of Coke have metal detectors?

How long is the World of Coke tour?

How long does it take to experience the World of Coca‑Cola? The average visit time is approximately 2 hours.


Is there food at World of Coke?

Many visitors walk to nearby Pemberton Cafe (named after the pharmacist who invented Coca-Cola) for burgers, pizza, salads and kids' meals. On a nice day you can walk through Centennial Olympic Park to the CNN Center which has a food court full of options.Mar 1, 2021


How long does it take to go through Fernbank museum?

For most visitors, it should take a minimum of 1.5 hours to go through the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. If you want a more in-depth visit, you should allow for more time. If you want to see an IMAX movie, allow for an extra hour in addition to your museum time.Jun 28, 2019


Is there a Coca-Cola theme park?

The World of Coca-Cola is a museum, located in Atlanta, Georgia, showcasing the history of the Coca-Cola Company. The 20-acre (81,000 m2) complex opened to the public on May 24, 2007, relocating from and replacing the original exhibit, which was founded in 1990 in Underground Atlanta.


How long can you park at Georgia Aquarium?

Business and Government zone: Monday through Saturday, 7 am to 7 pm, 2 hrs max. Mixed use zone: Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, 3 hrs max. School and University zone: Monday through Saturday, 7 am to 7 pm, 3 hrs max.


When did the World of Coke open?

From the original World of Coca‑Cola® that opened on August 3, 1990 at Underground Atlanta, to the opening of World of Coca‑Cola at Pemberton Place® on May 24, 2007, we are proud to have welcomed over 24 million guests and counting across a span of 25+ years in Atlanta.


How much does it cost to get into Georgia Aquarium?

Cost: General admission tickets cost $35.95 for regardless of age or arrival time. Children ages 2 and under are free; no admission tickets are required. Parking costs $17 for the general rate while members pay $11. There's also a $12 discounted rate for aquarium guests.Apr 19, 2021

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