Does Zante have nice beaches?

Does Zante have sandy beaches?

The third largest of the Ionian Islands, Zante is blessed with plenty of sunshine, clear turquoise waters, numerous sandy beaches, charming traditional mountain villages and dramatic natural scenery. Add generous doses of warm Greek hospitality and Zante is the perfect beach holiday destination.Dec 21, 2020

Where should I stay in Zante for beach?

The best place to stay in Zakynthos for the beach: Vasilikos

There are probably more beaches on Zakynthos than you can cram into your holiday – so you'll really be spoiled for choice. If you want to prioritise access to Zakynthos' most beautiful beaches, then a great base is the Vasilikos Peninsula.

Is Kalamaki beach Sandy?

Kalamaki: a long sandy beach protected by the National Marine Park! Kalamaki is located on the south side of Zakynthos Island. It is 5 km away from Zante Town and 3 km away from the airport. ... Couples that want to sunbathe on a sandy beach with no pebbles may choose it as well.

Is navagio beach Sandy?

Navagio Beach or the Shipwreck, is an isolated sandy cove on Zakynthos island and one of the most famous and most photographed beaches in Greece.Feb 27, 2012

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image-Does Zante have nice beaches?

How many beaches are in Zante?

Guide to 27 beaches. Discover our guide to 27 beautiful Zakynthos beaches.


Is tsilivi Beach Sandy?

The beach. Tsilivì beach is one of the most tourist of the island. It is a long tongue of sand and the sea has a sandy depth for 40 metres going offshore afterwards it becomes rocky. Along the beach there are tourist and sportive facilities with water sports and the possibility to rent pedalos, Jet-ski-bike…


Why is Zante called Rat Island?

The name Rat Islands is the English translation of the name given to the islands by Captain Fyodor Petrovich Litke in 1827 when he visited the Aleutian Islands on a voyage around the world. The islands are named so because rats were accidentally introduced to Rat Island in about 1780.


Is Zante bad for mosquitoes?

v Zakynthos has quite a lot of mosquitoes. Although they are not dangerous, they surely are annoying. It would be wise to take a spray or cream with you in order to protect yourself from waking up with a lot of bites.


Is Zante suitable for older couples?

Zante still has some quiet spots, it still maintains its Greek charm and it's not hard to find the areas of the island that are right for you. ...Jul 10, 2015

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