How big is Prince's bridle path mansion?

Where is Prince's House now?

  • April 2018 marks two years since the world lost Prince. The Oscar and Grammy winner certainly left his mark on this planet, but he also left an indelible mark on his home state of Minnesota. Prince house Minnesota, Paisley Park, still sits in the suburbs of Minneapolis.

Where did Prince live in Minnesota?

  • Where does Prince live in Minnesota? Prince house is in Chanhassen, Minnesota, which is about 20 miles southwest of Minneapolis. He constructed this massive compound in 1987 and called it Paisley Park after his song of the same name. Architect Bret Theony designed the 65,000 square-foot Paisley Park, and it cost $10 million to build.

What can you do at Prince's estate?

  • Now legions of Prince fans can have unprecedented access to his once private estate and musical sanctuary. Fans can take tours of the complex and view his personal archives, including iconic concert wardrobe, awards, musical instruments, and unique artwork.

image-How big is Prince's bridle path mansion?
image-How big is Prince's bridle path mansion?
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