How big is the Mann Center?

Is the Mann general admission?

Is the Lawn general admission? Yes, it is.

Is the Mann Music Center outdoors?

From galas to graduations, the Mann is a unique outdoor venue sure to make any event memorable.

Who designed the Mann Center?

The building was razed in the 1930's and replaced with the current federal facility, designed by architect Harry Sternfeld. This Art Deco-style building was renamed the Robert N.C. Nix, Sr.

Who was the Mann Center named after?

In 1976 the organization moved to a new venue in West Fairmount Park. Originally called Robin Hood Dell West, it was later renamed the Mann Music Center in honor of its longtime director and benefactor Frederic Mann, and subsequently renamed the Mann Center for the Performing Arts.Oct 30, 2020

image-How big is the Mann Center?
image-How big is the Mann Center?

What is the Skyline Stage at the Mann?

The Skyline Stage is a general admission festival setting that provides patrons with a unique open-air concert experience with unparalleled views of Philadelphia's skyline.


How many people does the Philadelphia metropolitan seat?

The showpiece of The Met Philadelphia, however, is the whopping 100,000-square-foot theater, capable of seating 3,500 people.Dec 3, 2018


How do lawn seats work at a concert?

"Lawn seating" refers to a seating method where concert-goers sit on the grass in the rear of the venue. Attendees can sometimes bring their own chairs, or rent them from vendors at the concert.


Does the Mann Music Center have food?

Whether you prefer a beautiful buffet dinner with seasonal fare, a picnic on the lawn, or delicious, freshly-prepared casual food and drink on your way to your seat, the Mann offers a variety of dining and drink options.

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