How cold does Pensacola get in the winter?

What's the coldest it gets in Pensacola Florida?

These temperature extremes were measured at Pensacola International Airport and go back to 1949. The lowest temperature recorded there during that period was 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 Celsius) on January 21, 1985.

Does it snow in Pensacola Florida?

Pensacola, Florida gets 64 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Pensacola averages 0 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

Is Pensacola Nice in December?

December is a slightly cold and very rainy time for sunbathing in Pensacola Beach. December is a good month for swimming in Pensacola Beach with warm sea temperatures. Consider visiting Pensacola Beach in the months of May, June, September, October, for the best beach weather.

Is Pensacola warm in December?

Daily high temperatures decrease by 5°F, from 67°F to 62°F, rarely falling below 50°F or exceeding 76°F.

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Is Pensacola A nice place to live?

Pensacola is one of the best places to live, especially to raise a family in Florida. It's part of Escambia County, and is also recognized as one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Gulf Coast. Known as a laidback city, Pensacola is appreciated for its carefree living.Feb 27, 2020


How warm is Pensacola in February?

February Weather in Pensacola Florida, United States. Daily high temperatures increase by 5°F, from 62°F to 67°F, rarely falling below 51°F or exceeding 74°F. Daily low temperatures increase by 5°F, from 45°F to 51°F, rarely falling below 32°F or exceeding 63°F.


Does it freeze in Pensacola?

Freezing temperatures happen sporadically throughout winter at Pensacola. Once every two or three years, a night drops down to 20 °F (-8 °C) or even lower.


Is Pensacola Nice in January?

January Weather in Pensacola Florida, United States. Daily high temperatures are around 62°F, rarely falling below 49°F or exceeding 72°F. ... Daily low temperatures are around 45°F, rarely falling below 31°F or exceeding 62°F. The lowest daily average low temperature is 45°F on January 17.


Can you swim in Pensacola in the winter?

The water temperature in Pensacola in december is cool. Swimming in december on the beaches of Pensacola is possible but the sea water is cool. So even though the sea temperature sometimes climbs to 71°F, it can also be as low as 63°F! Note that the average is 67°F.


Is it expensive to live in Pensacola?

PRO: The Cost of Living in Pensacola Is Affordable

One massive pro on the list of the pros and cons of living in Pensacola, FL, is the cost of living. At 87.3/100, it's almost 25 points less than the national average, which is very affordable.
Nov 5, 2021


When was the last time it snowed in Pensacola?

The last measurable snowfall in Pensacola was from Leon on Jan. 28, 2014, when Pensacola measured 1.3 inches of snowfall. Leon also brought sleet and ice to the Florida Panhandle, which resulted in power outages and closed roads.Jan 17, 2018


Will Florida have a cold winter 2021?

November 2021 to October 2022. Winter will be cooler than normal, with the coldest temperatures in mid- and late December and mid-January and from late January into early February. Precipitation will be above normal in the north and below normal in the south.

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