How do I get from Nice to Monaco?

How to get from Eze Village to Monaco?

  • If you don’t want to hike to Eze-sur-Mer, you can then hop on bus number 112 straight from Eze Village to Monaco. Otherwise bus number 100, the regular bus between Nice and Monaco stops about every half an hour at Eze-sur-Mer. It’s this bus that you’ll need to catch back from Monaco to Nice at the end of the day.

What to do in Monaco-Ville?

  • The Cathedral lies right in the heart of Monaco’s old town, therefore from there it only seemed right to explore the winding streets of Monaco-Ville. Filled with centuries-old shops and restaurants, the area is no doubt the most charming in the small country!

How to get to Eze from Nice?

  • A Day Trip to Eze and Monaco from Nice is the perfect way to get outside of the city. Getting the bus to Eze is meant to be an easy endeavour. I arrived at the supposed bus stop near the port of Nice well before the bus was scheduled to leave.

image-How do I get from Nice to Monaco?
image-How do I get from Nice to Monaco?
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