How do I get from Tokyo to Hakone by train?
Hakone is very popular spot. It is 1.5 hours away from Tokyo by train and bus. Many travelers want to visit there as day trip from Tokyo. Hakone is located on the way to Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya from Tokyo. You may add Hakone between Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya.

How do I get from Tokyo to Hakone by train?

Tokyo to Hakone

From Tokyo Station, you can take a bullet train on the Tokaido Shinkansen line to Odawara Station, which is included in the JR Pass. From Odawara you then take the Hakone Tozan train and get off at Hakone-Itabashi Station, the final destination stop.
May 15, 2019

How long is bullet train from Tokyo to Hakone?

The customary way to get to Hakone from Tokyo is to ride the Romance car. This train is a limited express and takes a little over 90 minutes to get to Hakone and costs about 2280 yen ($21). The shinkansen can take you to Odawara in 30 mins, where you'll transfer to Hakone-Yumoto station.

Is Hakone a day trip from Tokyo?

Day Trips from Tokyo: Hitting Up Hakone. Hakone has a LOT to offer on a day or weekend trip from Tokyo. The hot springs (onsen) and views of Mount Fuji are, of course, what the town and its environs are most famous for, but they also have their own mountains, art museums, pirate ships and bountiful history.

How many days should I spend in Hakone?

How long to stay in Hakone. I suggest staying at least 2 days and 2 nights in order to spend time relaxing in an onsen, seeing the historical sights, and visiting the Hakone Open Air Museum. If you have more time, you can do three days and add in some more strenuous hiking, more onsen bathing, or more museum touring.

image-How do I get from Tokyo to Hakone by train?
image-How do I get from Tokyo to Hakone by train?

How much is a train ticket from Tokyo to Hakone?

Odakyu Railway operates between Tokyo's Shinjuku Station and Hakone-Yumoto Station. The one way journey by the "Romance Car" limited express takes about 85 minutes and costs 2330 yen. By slower express trains (kyuko), the journey takes about two hours, requires one transfer at Odawara Station, but costs only 1220 yen.Jun 30, 2020


Can JR Pass be used in Hakone?

Hakone is a short 15-minute bus or train ride from Odawara Station. If using your JR Railpass from Tokyo, get the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station or Shinagawa Station! If you have a JR Rail pass, take the Shinkansen to Odawara. At Odawara, you can by a Hakone Freepass that will cover your travels in the area.


Which is the best area to stay in Hakone?

1. Tonosawa – Where to Stay in Hakone for your First Visit. The area of Tonosawa, with its perfect spot next to the river, is where to stay in Hakone for anyone wanting a more secluded, mountainous holiday. Here you can dip into one of several onsen, for which Tonosawa is famous, among the stunning views.Nov 30, 2021


Can JR Pass use in Kyoto?

Numerous trains in and around Kyoto can be accessed using your Japan Rail Pass. ... From here, you can access the Shinkansen bullet train to Osaka, Tokyo, and many other destinations. Local JR lines in Kyoto include the Sagano Line and the Nara Line.


What is romance car Hakone?

The Romancecar is an Odakyu limited express train with reserved seating only. It links Shinjuku with the popular holiday spots of Hakone, Enoshima and Kamakura, areas loved by tourists from Japan and overseas.


Why is Hakone famous?

Hakone is most famous for hot springs, traditional ryokan, rich nature, museums, and historical sites. Hakone is a mountainous area that lies on the the famous Tokaido Road connecting Tokyo and Kyoto. Hakone is easily accessibly from Tokyo by train.Jul 25, 2019


What is Hakone known for?

Hakone (箱根) is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, less than one hundred kilometers from Tokyo. Famous for hot springs, natural beauty and the view across Lake Ashinoko of nearby Mount Fuji, Hakone is one of the most popular destinations among Japanese and international tourists looking for a break from Tokyo.Jun 26, 2020


Can you see Mt Fuji from Hakone?

From Hakone

Hakone offers some of the most beautiful views of Mount Fuji... when you can actually see it.
Jul 10, 2020


Should I stay overnight in Hakone?

Hakone is best experienced overnight because it gives you a chance to see more, but also lets you stay in one of the many people's accommodation in the area. Hakone has refined the art of Japanese hospitality, omotenashi, over the centuries.


Is it safe to visit Hakone now?

Staying Safe in Hakone

Hakone is a very safe part of Japan! There is very little theft or violent crime in the municipality, and you have little to be concerned about, moving either at night or during the day. Even traveling alone is safe!
Jul 13, 2021


How do I get from Shinjuku to Hakone?

It runs trains to Hakone from Shinjuku Station, a major hub in Tokyo and the busiest train station in the world. The Odakyu Limited Express Romancecar travels from Shinjuku to Hakone-Yumoto Station in about an hour and a half.


How to get to Hakone-Yumoto Station from Odakyu?

First, get on an express train or rapid express of the Odakyu Line heading to Odawara Station. The ride takes about 90 to 95 minutes. Next, change trains to the Odakyu’s Hakone Tozan Line and ride for about 15 minutes until you reach Hakone-Yumoto Station.


How to get to Gora station from Hakone?

The main gateway to the area is the line’s Hakone-Yumoto Station, situated on the eastern edge of Hakone. From there, the line climbs into the mountains to Gora Station.

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