How do you get the Dia Beacon?

How do I get to Dia Beacon from NYC by train?

I suggest taking the Metro-North Railroad from NYC to Beacon. From NYC, you can catch the train at Grand Central or the 125th Street Station. Beacon sits on the Hudson line and tickets cost about $46 for round-trip peak times (or $35 off-peak).May 28, 2019

Is Dia Beacon worth?

If you drive, you can do Dia, drive the river road and stop at the Scenic Hudson hiking spot and continue to Cold Spring, which was the quant antiques town that existed long before Dia came to Beacon. You know who you are! This is really worth it. You won't be disappointed.

Why is Dia Beacon called Dia?

Dia got its name from the Greek word "dia" which means "conduit." Friedrich explained the name choice with "'Dia' was chosen as a transitory term for an institution that would not be eternal but would make possible the presence of artworks on an extended, long-term basis" Dia first patronized a group of artists that ...

Is Dia Beacon free?

Dia:Beacon provides guided tours every Saturday and Sunday at 12:30 and 2 pm. Tours are free with admission. Reservations are not necessary but can be made in person at the admissions desk.

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How much does the DIA cost?

Dia Box Prices

My Dia boxes averaged $245-$294 for the full box of 5 items. The average of the boxes was $266 — but remember, if you did keep a WHOLE box, you would for sure pay the box price — which averaged out to just under $200 for 5 items.
May 31, 2020


Do you need a car in Beacon NY?

Beacon is a popular stop, and not all doors open, so make your way somewhere in the middle. ... The first is magnificent Mount Beacon, which has a trailhead literally a five-minute drive from the station. Barring having a car, you can walk the two miles to the Scenic Hudson Parking Lot or you can catch the free (Yes!Sep 11, 2019


How long does it take to tour Dia Beacon?

The museum is probably going to be about a two-hour visit for most people, so you'll probably also have some time to check out the rest of Beacon. The city has a long Main Street that starts just a few blocks away from the museum, and the street includes a bunch of local shops and restaurants.Jan 8, 2016


Is Beacon NY walkable?

The town of Beacon is quite walkable which makes it a ideal short break for those coming from the NYC via train. The entire Main Street is about a mile long and has everything you need from trendy eateries to boutiques and a grocery store.Nov 7, 2020


How do you pronounce Dia Beacon?

Ok, let's start with how it's pronounced. It's “dee-ah” not “D.I.A.” or “dye-ah.” Dia is a contemporary arts foundation and Beacon is a city located in Dutchess County, New York.Sep 4, 2016


Who owns Dia Beacon?

Located on the Hudson River in Beacon, Dutchess County, New York, Dia:Beacon will occupy a nearly 300,000-square-foot historic printing facility. The building was donated to Dia by International Paper, its most recent owner. The museum will open to the public in early May 2003.


Is Dia a non profit?

Dia Art Foundation is a non-profit organization that relies on a variety of funding sources to sustain its activities. Dia deeply appreciates the loyalty and enthusiasm of its members and donors, and provides a range of benefits and privileges in thanks for their generosity.


What is Beacon NY known for?

Beacon is known in the Hudson Valley for contemporary art. In fact, ever since Dia:Beacon, one of the largest contemporary art galleries in the country, opened in 2003, Beacon has established itself as a mecca for art and artists, drawing creatives from New York City and beyond.Dec 11, 2020


How do you get to Storm King from NYC?

How to get there. If you're not driving, the most scenic route is via the Metro-North train from Grand Central Terminal to Beacon. On the way up, try to sit on the left side for a magnificent view of the Hudson River. From Beacon station, you'll need to take a 20- to 30-minute taxi to Storm King.Jun 1, 2015

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