How do you play Sueca?

What is the goal of Sueca?

  • In Sueca, the goal is to win tricks containing valuable cards. The card values are: There are altogether 120 points in the deck. The object of the play is to win tricks containing more than half of the deck's points. The team which takes more than 60 points scores one game.

What does Sueca mean in Portuguese?

  • Sueca (card game) Sueca (meaning Swedish (female) in Portuguese) is a 4 player-partnership point trick-taking card game of the Ace-Ten family, and a popular variant of the Bisca card game. The game is played in Portugal, Brazil and Angola and other Portuguese communities. Its closest relative is the very similar German game Einwerfen .

What is the bidding phase in Sueca?

  • There is no bidding phase is Sueca. The trump suit for each hand is determined randomly. It is the suit of the face-up card shown during the dealing. The cards have the following rank and value:

image-How do you play Sueca?
image-How do you play Sueca?
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