How does screen agent work with nice?

What is sreenagent and how does it work?

  • NICE SreenAgent is a service that runs on agent desktops that require screen recording. is available if you have CXone Recording Advanced and a screen recording license. Install ScreenAgent on computers to record or monitor activity on an agent's screen during an interaction.

What is screenagent Exe?

  • What is ScreenAgent.exe? The genuine ScreenAgent.exefile is a software component of ScreenAgentby Nice Systems. A remote desktop utility for businesses, ScreenAgent.exe starts with Windows and runs as a background process. It monitors for incoming connections and allows remote desktop sessions to be started with a host.

What are the system requirements for the screenagent software?

  • Keep in mind, if the computer configuration is set to full HD or 4K and the CPU usage is high, then a more powerful CPU (such as i5) may be required. Port 31322 open. This port is only used for internal communication between ScreenAgent and MAX / Agent for Salesforce softphone on the agent's computer.

image-How does screen agent work with nice?
image-How does screen agent work with nice?
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