How long is the hike up Mount Battie?

Can you drive up Mount Battie?

Yes, you can drive up to the top of mt Battie This means that there are many more people and vehicles at the Vista. To me, the point of hiking to a Vista is that it's hard and feels great when you make it.Jul 23, 2016

How do I access Mount Battie?

How to Access the Trail. Head up Mountain Street from downtown Camden. From there take a right on Spring Street and then another left on Megunticook Street. There is a small parking lot at the end of the road from which you can access the trailhead.

Is Mt Battie open?

Park Hours: Open all year*; 9:00 a.m. to sunset daily unless otherwise signed at the gate. Fee collected year-round at entry booth by staff or self-service station. *NOTE: The Mount Battie Road, from Nov 1st to May 1st, may be closed based on weather and staffing.

How high is Mt Battie in Camden Maine?

If you're looking for good way to stretch your legs while visiting Camden, Maine, take the short hike up scenic Mount Battie (height 780 feet) in nearby Camden Hills State Park. To reach the main trailhead, head north up Main Street (Rte. 1) through town, hang a left on Mountain Street (Rte.

image-How long is the hike up Mount Battie?
image-How long is the hike up Mount Battie?

Are there bears in Camden Maine?

And the few black bears roaming the Camden Hills stay well-hidden in the woods. But other critters show their faces. With thousands of acres of state park and other preserves in our backyard, so to speak, there's no shortage of wildlife.Sep 7, 2016


Is hunting allowed in Camden State Park?

Hunting is permitted. Please contact the park for more information regarding permits and regulations.


Are dogs allowed in Camden Hills State Park?

Camden Hills State Park

It sits on Mount Battie and features 30 miles of hiking trails. You must keep your dog on a leash while you journey the walking paths. ... Afterward, you can take a break at the picnic area in the park.


How long is drive up Mt Battie?

Happy hiking! over a year ago. About 1 1/2 miles if you follow the access road, or close to two miles if you follow the well marked trails. There are actually several different trails to summit.


What is Camden Maine known for?

Camden Facts. Camden, Maine is known around the state as the “Jewel of the Maine Coast”, and for good reason. It is a quaint town by the sea featuring a beautiful harbor that is always full and busy, especially during the summer months.


Where do you park to hike Mount Battie?

Parking for the Mount Battie Trail can be found at the end of Megunticook Street in Camden, off of ME Route 52, just after the intersection of ME Route 52 and US Route 1.


What mountain is in Camden Maine?

Hiking Camden Maine: Camden Hills State Park

At 2.5 miles long, Ridge Trail runs along the top of Mount Megunticook. One of the shortest hikes is the half-mile-long Mount Battie Trail which takes you to the top of the mountain for scenic views of Camden Harbor and Penobscot Bay.


What is the name of the mountain in Camden Maine?

Mount Battie and the picturesque stone mountain tower, located in Camden, are rich in legend and history. In 1897, Columbus Bushwell, a Camden resident, built a carriage road to the top of the mountain. Today this old carriage road is part of the 25-mile hiking trail system in Camden Hills State Park. In 1898, Mr.


What is the history of Mount Battie?

Mount Battie and the picturesque stone mountain tower, located in Camden, are rich in legend and history. In 1897, Columbus Bushwell, a Camden resident, built a carriage road to the top of the mountain.


Should you visit Mount Battie trail?

On your next visit, take some time to explore all that this incredible area has to offer by taking a hike along Mount Battie Trail. Featuring breathtaking views and an up-close look at the Pine Tree State’s most impressive wildlife, there’s no excuse for leaving this Camden attraction off of your itinerary!


How do I get to the top of Mount Battie?

At the Tablelands Trail intersection, you can turn left and proceed to the summit of Mount Battie or a right turn will take you to Ocean Lookout and to the highest point in the park at the summit of Mount Megunticook. Examples of the park's abundant and varied flora and fauna are evident on the appropriately named Nature Trail.


Is Mount Battie Road plowed in the winter?

The Mount Battie Road is plowed all winter for walking. On occassion, if conditions permit during the winter, it is opened for cars. Allowed on all trails.

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