How many BTUs is a Duron drop in Grill?

Does Duro work on vinyl floors?

  • On vinyl, DURO provides superior gloss and wear levels together with a high degree of buffability – this is an unusual combination for such a hard, tough sealer. Field tests on vinyl tile floors have shown that DURO raises the level of floor appearance right through the day.

What is NXR Duro?

  • NXR Duro Corporation is an indoor and outdoor kitchen company based out of Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in stainless steel and cooking with core products being ranges, range hoods, pizza ovens, and grills. We are a global company with offices in the US, the Netherlands and China.

How do you apply Duro finish?

  • DURO is applied in a uniform liquid film to the clean floor. It dries to create a transparent, tough plastic film that is resistant to cleaning and foot-traffic. On the popular marble and terrazzo floors, DURO demonstrates excellent gloss with a superb depth of shine as well as superior wear and resistance to scuffing and scratching.

image-How many BTUs is a Duron drop in Grill?
image-How many BTUs is a Duron drop in Grill?
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