How many chateaux are there in Bordeaux?

Why is Bordeaux a wine destination?

  • That makes Bordeaux a key destination for wine lovers and tourists. In fact, Paris is the only city in France that receives more visitors than Bordeaux every year! In Bordeaux today, there are close to 7,375 different chateaux in the region producing close to 900 million bottles of wine per vintage!

Where is the best place to stay in Bordeaux?

  • Chateau Monstruce is situated in the beautiful region of Entre-deux-Mers. From the bedrooms on the upper floors you can see vineyards, gardens and meadows that stretch on for miles. If you’re visiting Bordeaux for the wine, (who isn’t?) you will be staying next door to a wine producing chateau where free wine tasting is offered!

How big is Bordeaux in acres?

  • Keep in mind, Bordeaux is a massive region with more than 7,500 different chateaux spread out over give or take about 120,000 hectares, or 296,596 acres of grapevines which planted in 60 different appellations spread throughout the region.

image-How many chateaux are there in Bordeaux?
image-How many chateaux are there in Bordeaux?
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