How many entrances are there to PNC Park?

Where is the best place to park at PNC Park?

  • Best PNC Park Parking Options Fans headed to PNC Park should heed one cardinal rule: if you’re driving in from the north of the stadium, park on the North Shore. If you’re coming from the west, south, or east, park across the Allegheny River in downtown Pittsburgh and walk across the Clemente bridge to the park.

How do I enter the PNC Arena parking lot?

  • To enter the PNC Arena Parking Lots from I-40 or Wade Avenue, exit Edwards Mill Road. Travel South to Edwards Mill Road. The main PNC Arena entrance is on your left. Please display your VIP/Premier Parking Pass at all times. Special VIP/Premier lanes are created for your convenience and ease of access. Tailgating is permitted on site.

How do I buy tickets to a Pirates game at PNC Park?

  • PLEASE NOTE: The information below applies to the 2021 baseball season at PNC Park. Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club PNC Park at North Shore 115 Federal Street or P.O. Box 7000 Pittsburgh, PA 15212 Phone Number: 1-800-BUY-BUCS (1-800-289-2827) Website: Tickets for future Pirates home games can be purchased the following ways:

image-How many entrances are there to PNC Park?
image-How many entrances are there to PNC Park?
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