How much does a Steller's harpy weigh?

What kind of bird is a Steller's Jay?

  • Steller's Jay. A common bird of western forests. Steller's Jay is most numerous in dense coniferous woods of the mountains and the northwest coast, where its dark colors blend in well in the shadows.

What is the scientific name of Steller's fish eagle?

  • It is named after the German naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller. It is also known as Steller's fish eagle, Pacific sea eagle or white-shouldered eagle. In Russian, the eagle has been called morskoi orel (sea eagle), pestryi morskoi orel (mottled sea eagle) or beloplechii orlan (white-shouldered eagle).

Where does the Steller's sea eagle live?

  • One of the offspring of the dark Berlin female, a male hatched in 2014 that now lives in Skandinavisk Dyrepark (Denmark), also is a dark morph. Steller's sea eagle is the largest bird in the genus Haliaeetus and is one of the largest raptors overall.

image-How much does a Steller's harpy weigh?
image-How much does a Steller's harpy weigh?
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