How much does indoor skydiving cost in New York?

Is there an iFLY in New York?

iFLY built their first New York indoor skydiving facility at Ridge Hill in Yonkers. The tunnel is part of the shopping center named Westchester's Ridge Hill. ... The tunnel is a 14 foot, ground level facility with the latest SkyVenture technology.

Where do you do indoor skydiving?

Indoor Formation Skydiving consist of the disciplines Indoor Formation Skydiving 4 Way and Indoor Vertical Formations Skydiving 4 Way.

Has anyone died indoor skydiving?

A skydiver has died after suffering a brain haemorrhage while practising in a wind tunnel in Greater Manchester. Francis Sweeney, 23, from Kings Norton in Birmingham, lost consciousness while training at the Airkix Indoor Skydiving Centre in Trafford Quays on Monday. He died on Tuesday at Trafford General Hospital.Sep 22, 2011

Is indoor skydiving safe?

Nothing in the world is fully safe and that includes indoor skydiving. Often bumps and bruises are common when flying in the wind tunnel and some have even broken bones. Though injuries can and do occur, the risk quotient is small enough that kids as young as three years old are able to enjoy indoor skydiving.May 17, 2020

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Is indoor skydiving scary?

Is it scary? Generally, no. There's no jumping, no falling, and no experience is needed.


What is indoor skydiving called?

A vertical wind tunnel is frequently called 'indoor skydiving' due to the popularity of vertical wind tunnels among skydivers, who report that the sensation is extremely similar to skydiving.


How many iFLY locations are there?

Overall, we have opened more than 80 locations worldwide in countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, China and Singapore. Along the way, we've done so much more than put up buildings.


Who is the owner of iFLY?

"I'm proud of our growth across the globe over the past two decades and grateful to have had the opportunity to lead such an incredibly talented team," said iFLY CEO and Founder Alan Metni. "Dave is an exceptional leader with a proven track record of success in both startup and public companies.Nov 1, 2017


How much does indoor skydiving cost?

Depending on how much time you want to spend in the tunnel, you can expect to pay $40–$70 per person for an indoor skydiving simulator session. This price often includes a few minutes of flying, plus training, personal instruction from a coach, and a post-flight DVD or tape to show off the experience to your friends.


Is indoor skydiving easy?

Is indoor skydiving hard? The basics are simple, but the fancy stuff can take years to master! Even those with no prior experience can enter a wind tunnel and enjoy the sensation of bodyflight. Often, it's as simple as leaning forward into the wind...Jul 16, 2018


How do you go up and down indoor skydiving?

To increase your fall rate (and go 'down'), you'll emphasize that stable arched position you learned at the beginning, pushing forward more with your hips. You'll also bring your arms in a little toward your body, thus decreasing your surface area and allowing you to fall faster.Feb 15, 2017


How tall is the iFLY tunnel?

Measuring 9.8 meters (32 feet) in diameter with a flyable height over 31.5 meters (104 feet), iFLY Tunnel Systems designed, engineered, manufactured, and commissioned the largest vertical wind tunnel in the world in November 2019.


Which skydiving place has the most deaths?

The skydiving school in San Joaquin County is now the site of 22 recorded deaths since opening in 1981. Nine of those deaths have occurred since 2016, according to the FAA.Apr 19, 2021

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