How much is a trip to Taj Mahal?

Can you do a day trip to Taj Mahal from Delhi?

Yes you can visit Taj Mahal in a day. Board "Gatiman Express train" from Nizamuddin station, Delhi. You will reach Agra in 90 minutes by this train and come back in the evening. This train leave Delhi station at 8.10 am and reach Agra at 9.50 am.

What is the best month to visit Taj Mahal?

Avoid winters as the Taj will shadowed by fog, i.e., from the months of November to February. So early summers, i.e., from March to June is the best time to visit the monument. And the best days to plan a visit are between Monday and Thursday.Oct 1, 2018

Which Day Is Taj Mahal free?

People can visit Taj Mahal and nearly 200 other ticketed monuments and museums across the country for free on September 27. NEW DELHI: People can visit Taj Mahal and nearly 200 other ticketed monuments and museums across the country for free on September 27 that coincides with the World Tourism Day.Sep 27, 2021

Can we enter inside Taj Mahal?

Taj Museum inside Taj Mahal Complex opens from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM, entry free. No Polluting vehicles are allowed within 500 mts. radius of Taj Mahal. Parking Facility is available at Shilpgram for east gate entry & at Amrood ka Teela for west gate entry.

image-How much is a trip to Taj Mahal?
image-How much is a trip to Taj Mahal?

Can you stay at the Taj Mahal?

A person can only stay for one night. The person cannot stay at the Taj Mahal again for the next six months. There are certain areas that are marked restricted and no one is allowed to go there even at night.Apr 1, 2016


How long does it take from Delhi to Taj Mahal?

Yes, the driving distance between New Delhi to Tāj Mahal is 211 km. It takes approximately 2h 33m to drive from New Delhi to Tāj Mahal.


How far is Taj Mahal from airport?

How far is Taj Mahal from Delhi International Airport? The distance between Delhi Aiport (DEL) and Taj Mahal is 230 km by road.


Is Taj Mahal in Delhi or up?

The Taj Mahal is located on the right bank of the Yamuna River in a vast Mughal garden that encompasses nearly 17 hectares, in the Agra District in Uttar Pradesh.


Do I need to buy Taj Mahal tickets in advance?

No, buying tickets in advance for Taj mahal for regular visit is not compulsory, It is only when you wish to see Taj at night during the full moon night ( as Taj opens for 5 days in night every month except Friday and in the month of Ramzaan - On Full moon night and 02 days before & after full moon night ).


Can we visit Taj Mahal at night?

Night viewing of Taj Mahal is available on five days in a month i.e. on full moon night and two nights before and two after the full moon. Night Viewing Ticket can be cancelled in the above mentioned office on the day of viewing up to 1 P.M. (Cancellation charges:25% of the ticket).


How do I plan a trip to Taj Mahal?

You can reach the Taj Mahal by train from New Delhi or Varanasi. From New Delhi, trains for Agra depart almost hourly. From Varanasi, the train services are less frequent, with only one train leaving per day. It is important to note that there are actually two train stations in Agra — Agra Cantt and Agra Fort stations.Jul 30, 2021


Is Taj Mahal open on Diwali?

Yes, Taj Mahal will be open on Diwali. It is closed only on Fridays, and 19th Oct is a Thursday. over a year ago.


How do you get to the Taj Mahal?

  • Train: There are several trains a day from Delhi and Jaipur to Agra that take just over 2 hours respectively. ...
  • Flight: Agra Airport is almost exclusively served with flights from Jaipur,which can be as cheap as$25USD and takes 55 minutes.
  • Uber: Long-distance Uber travel in India is well established,safe and surprisingly cheap. ...


Which month is best to visit Taj Mahal, India?

  • It is suggested to travellers to visit Taj Mahal in between October and March which is considered as the best time for travellers to visit. Generally the ideal time for visiting Taj Mahal is before sunrise or sunset. If you are lucky and visit this mausoleum during full moon nights do not let go this chance.


What are the hours of the Taj Mahal?

  • Taj Mahal Visiting Hours:-. The Taj will remain open from 6 am-7 pm every day except Fridays. Entry costs Rs 970 for Foreigners and for indians during the sunrise and sunset entry costs Rs 110 and during the daytime Rs 20/-.


What does the "Taj" in Taj Mahal mean?

  • The Taj Mahal (/ˌtɑːdʒ məˈhɑːl, ˌtɑːʒ-/; meaning "Crown of the Palace") is an ivory-white marble mausoleum on the south bank of the Yamuna river in the Indian city of Agra . It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan (reigned from 1628 to 1658), to house the tomb of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal .

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