How to visit Cobá and Tulum in Mexico?

What to do in Tulum in one day?

  • Or choose a stop at Tulum to enter two majestic archaeological sites on the same day. A complete tour that takes you to two Mayan archaeological zones on one day. Have astounding views of the jungle at Cobá, and the Caribbean Sea at Tulum.

What to do at the Coba ruins?

  • In addition to your visit to the Coba Ruins, you will visit a Mayan Village, where you will meet some locals and see how they are adjusting to modern day life. Private tours are also available if you prefer and if you are 4 or more, they are even more economical than your standard bus tours, and much more fun.

How long does it take to tour the ancient city of Coba?

  • Coba is thought to have has over 50,000 inhabitants during it’s heyday around 750 B.C. The total site spans about 31 miles (50 km) but your during your visit, plan to walk at least 2-3 miles (4-5 km) to see most of the sites.

image-How to visit Cobá and Tulum in Mexico?
image-How to visit Cobá and Tulum in Mexico?
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