Is Acacia green screen a good hedge?

What is the best Acacia to grow in Australia?

  • The newer cultivars especially dwarf forms such as Acacia cognata ‘Limelight’, Acacia cognata ‘Lime Magik’ and Acacia cognata dwarf ‘Mini Cog’ are perhaps one of the most successful developments in Australian Native plants in recent years with a number of varied cultivars being developed.

What is Acacia cognata?

  • Acacia cognata are a narrow leafed wattle, sometimes called the ‘River Wattle’. It is the smaller growing cultivars including ‘Limelight’, ‘Green Mist’ and ‘Waterfall’ that are most popular and all have been developed from the natural form, which is a small weeping tree.

What does Acacia look like in the winter?

  • Profuse, gold, ball-shaped flowers occur in late winter. Pods are bluish when young. Two other foliage forms are in cultivation. One has purplish leaves and has been known as Acacia baileyana var. purpurea, the other has yellowish tips. Distribution: NSW.

image-Is Acacia green screen a good hedge?
image-Is Acacia green screen a good hedge?
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