Is BMG the new music company?

What is the BMG approach?

  • BMG does. Our radical approach to an often old-fashioned - and sometimes unfair - music industry has been to focus our efforts on looking at things from the artist and songwriter’s perspective.

What makes the BMG – X different?

  • The BMG – X offers the option of the PU or EPS X F-RAP deck channel and stringerless carbon design. This offers more flex and spring through your turns than regular designs and is less weight due to the removal of the wooden stringer. These features make the surfboard snappier off the top plus more spring and speed out of turns.

Is Adel Tawil signed to BMG?

  • German Superstar Adel Tawil Chooses BMG for Records. Multi-million selling artist Adel Tawil has signed an exclusive, worldwide recordings deal with BMG.

image-Is BMG the new music company?
image-Is BMG the new music company?
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