Is Boston worth visiting in winter?

What event that took place in Massachusetts?

1770 - Five Boston colonists are shot by British troops in the Boston Massacre. 1773 - Colonists in Boston dump crates of tea into the harbor in the Boston Tea Party. 1775 - The Revolutionary War begins with the Battles of Lexington and Concord. 1788 - Massachusetts becomes the sixth state of the United States.

What food is Boston known for?

A true foodie town, Boston is best known for its baked beans. But the coastal city is loved for its seafood - from lobster rolls and New England clam chowder to steamed clams and fish and chips. The city is also known for its Boston Cream Pie and the famous Fenway Frank.

What are some fun things to do in Massachusetts?

  • Fun Things To Do In Massachusetts Attractions, Sightseeing and Events. America’s Museum of Pilgrim Possessions Pilgrim Hall Museum, built in 1824, offers a chance to touch an authentic piece of Plymouth Rock ! View actual 17th century Pilgrim possessions, including William Bradford’s Bible, Peregrine White’s cradle and Myles Standish’s sword.

What are some tourist attractions in Massachusetts?

  • Major tourist attractions in Massachusetts include historic Boston (left), spectacular summer. scenery in Cape Cod (middle), and world-class skiing in the Berkshire Mountains (right).

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image-Is Boston worth visiting in winter?

What to do at mass?

  • Mass Etiquette: 20 Things To Do And Not Do In Mass Fast before Mass. No Food and Drink in Church. Men take your hats off. Don’t chew gum in church. Cross yourself with Holy Water on entering and leaving the church. Dress modestly and appropriately. Show up at least a few minutes early. Cell phones should never be used in Mass for calls or texting.


What to do in Massachusetts?

  • Massachusetts is known for its abundance of things to see and do. Visit the famous Nantucket Island, Martha’s Vineyard , and Cape Cod which are like their own hidden worlds, complete with picturesque lighthouses and excellent beaches. Western Massachusetts offers stunning fall foliage and many unique museums.

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