Is Cedar Key busy?

Is Cedar Key worth visiting?

And that's exactly why it's worth a drive to visit Cedar Key. The charming little town, with fewer than 1,000 permanent residents, has a fascinating history (it's Florida's second oldest town) and dozens of interesting old buildings. ... The town is full of art and artists and has several good seafood restaurants.Nov 9, 2021

What is Cedar Key known for?

Cedar Key is a major producer of clams nationwide, raking in more than $34 million annually. The Cedar Islands are now known as the Cedar Key National Refuge and are composed of 13 offshore islands jutting into the Gulf Coast.Aug 11, 2020

Is the water clear at Cedar Key FL?

Cedar Key, Florida is not your normal clear water, sandy beach, family vacation destination that you typically think of when you think about the Florida Gulf of Mexico coastline or the Florida Keys. ...Apr 21, 2017

Are there alligators in Cedar Key?

When to Visit Cedar Key

To maximize the variety of species you'll see, spring is an excellent choice, (late March and April). Horseshoe crabs are mating, Alligators are commonly sighted in the Lower Suwanee River NWR, and dolphins are active off shore.
Apr 23, 2016

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Can you swim in Cedar Key?

Besides sunbathing, swimming, dining and drinking other fun activities offered in Cedar Key include browsing gift shops and galleries, canoeing and kayaking among the islands and channels, sailing & parasailing, boat tours of the islands and dolphin watching, airplane rides, charter fishing, and renting a golf cart of ...


Is there red tide in Cedar Key?

(WCJB) - Red tide has been confirmed offshore in Cedar Key but some fishermen have not seen anything inshore. TV20 reported earlier this year that the constant flow of the water, as well as fresh water mixing from the Suwannee River, prevents red tide.Sep 30, 2021


Is Cedar Key open to tourists?

One North Central Florida hot spot is back open after almost a month of being closed to visitors. When weekend destinations started closing around the state because of COVID-19, crowds flocked to Cedar Key. ...May 10, 2020


Can you scallop in Cedar Key?

Scallop fishing in Cedar Key is highly variable throughout the year. High season is July to September. Closed season is January to June and October to December.


Is Cedar Key an island?

The Cedar Keys are a cluster of islands near the mainland. Most of the developed area of the city has been on Way Key since the end of the 19th century. The Cedar Keys are named for the eastern red cedar Juniperus virginiana, once abundant in the area.


Is Cedar Key crowded?

In short, if you're in Cedar Key, Cedar Key Beach is a must-visit location and it never gets too busy, offering a very calm, intimate atmosphere that couples and solo travelers will undoubtedly appreciate.Oct 5, 2021


How deep is the water in Cedar Key Florida?

The water is very stagnant and not very clear and the bottom gets very muddy at about 3 foot depth (you sink in about 1 foot, not very pleasant).

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