Is Diani Beach Kenya safe?

Is Diani Beach worth?

Worth it!! Diani beach is one of the cleanest beaches I have been to. One does not find it uncomfortable to lie down and bask in the sun or even go for a cooling swim in the ocean. The beach boys along this beach are also not annoying and they do not force you to buy things from them.

Is Diani Beach expensive?

You should plan to spend around KES5,633 ($50) per day on your vacation in Diani, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, KES2,086 ($19) on meals for one day and KES1,538 ($14) on local transportation.

Is Diani Beach Beautiful?

Diani Beach is hands down the most beautiful beach in Kenya and one of the best in the entire African continent. We enjoyed the breathtaking scenery that consists of deep blue and clear waters of the Indian Ocean and stunning coral reefs.

Can you swim in Diani Beach?

Diani Beach has plenty of relaxed, family-friendly resort hotels that go out of their way to keep children amused with special menus, sports, games and other activities. The beach is safe for swimming but kids who want to snorkel will have to be strong swimmers to reach the reef - it is better to take a boat or canoe.

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image-Is Diani Beach Kenya safe?

Are there sharks at Diani Beach?

Things to do at Diani Beach

Kenya is one of the few places in the world where reef sharks are seen frequently. These waters are also home to the endangered Green and Hawksbill turtles which can be seen whilst exploring under the surface. ... Diani Beach is one of the greatest water sports destinations in East Africa.


How many days do you need in Diani Beach?

For me, 3 days would be the minimum amount of time that you should spend in and around Diani Beach and here are some recommendations on what to do during those three days in this awesome corner of the world.


What should I bring to Diani?

A few t-shirts, shorts or a few light dresses for ladies, swimwear and sunglasses would do the trick. But it's always advisable to check the weather first and prepare accordingly. As a lady, you'd also want to bring a nice dress or dress clothes for an evening out at dinner or sightseeing walks.Oct 1, 2019


How far is Nairobi from the beach?

The distance between Nairobi and Diani Beach (Land) is 454 km. The road distance is 534.2 km.


Is Nyali in South Coast?

Kenya's South Coast has a more rustic feel than Nyali or any of the other suburban beaches immediately north of Mombasa, partially due to its logistical dislocation from the island-bound city, to which it is connected not by a road bridge but by the steady-but-slow Likoni ferry service.


Does Kenya have good beaches?

Kenya, a country in Eastern Africa is renowned across the world for its game reserves and wildlife safaris. However, Kenya also boasts of a shimmering coastline along the Indian Ocean which makes it a home to incredibly stunning beaches.Nov 26, 2021


Is there quicksand in Kenya?

Galu beach, Kenya. It is dangerous to walk during the low tide up to 100 meters away from beach, as areas with quicksan.


Does Kenya have nice beaches?

And it's far from being the only sandy paradise along the coast. Although Kenya is justly celebrated for its national parks and wildlife, it's also home to some of the continent's best beaches. ... Most of Kenya's best beaches are located just north and south of Mombasa in the southeast.Oct 1, 2018

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