Is Little Boy Blue a nursery rhyme?

Where did the Little Boy Blue song come from?

  • One of the oldest references of Little Boy Blue lyrics can be found in the King Lear play by W. Shakespeare. Edgar appears disguisedly as Mad Tom and says: “Sleepest or wakest thou, jolly shepheard? The Little Bo Peep character was attributed to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, the arrogant son of an Ipswich rich man, who was a butcher.

Who is Little Boy Blue in King Lear?

  • But the Opies point out that lines from Shakespeare’s King Lear are more likely to refer to Little Boy Blue, namely Edgar’s reference (when he’s talking as mad Tom) to a ‘jolly shepheard’ who may be asleep while the ‘sheepe’ are ‘in the corne’, while ‘one blast of thy minikin mouth’ would save the sheep from harm.

What did little boy blue do to help his mother?

  • Little Boy Blue ran to the cottage for water and bathed the poor woman's face, and raised her head that she might drink. There were no neighbors, for the cottage stood all alone by the river, so the child was obliged to support his mother in his arms as best he could while she crawled painfully back to the cottage.

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image-Is Little Boy Blue a nursery rhyme?
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