Is Muir Valley free to visit?

Where is the Rockhouse in Red River Gorge?

The Rockhouse is located centrally in the RRG and just below the famous and cozy Climber Cabin. This site provides information on Climbing in the Red River Gorge and an online guidebook with community grade consensus, discussions on quality, and general (sometimes feisty) community conversation.

What is there to do at the gorge?

Known for its world class climbing and hiking, the natural beauty of the Gorge is breathtaking. Families also discover a wealth of fun activities including zip-lines, underground kayak tours, mountain biking, bird watching, guided activities and more!

What is the Muir Valley organization?

The Muir Valley Organization (formerly known as the Friends of Muir Valley or FOMV) is a volunteer-based organization that owns, operates, and maintains Muir Valley. The Muir Valley Organization was originally formed in 2004 to provide volunteer labor and raise funds to help maintain Muir Valley and keep it open to the public.

image-Is Muir Valley free to visit?
image-Is Muir Valley free to visit?
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