Is Oaxaca safe?

What to do in Oaxaca?

  • The southern state of Oaxaca is one of the most diverse and interesting regions of Mexico. Think lush green mountains, beautiful beaches, colonial cities and impressive ruins. The entire state is peppered with colorful craft markets. Oaxaca City is much less intimidating than its urban counterparts to the north, Guadalajara and Mexico City.

Where is Oaxaca in Mexico?

  • Oaxaca is one of the 32 states of Mexico. Set in the southwest, it spans 36,200 square miles, making it the fifth-largest Mexican state, but it’s only home to 3,967,889 people – not a lot considering the size.

Can you swim in Oaxaca Mexico?

  • Oaxaca’s coastline has powerful undercurrents and waves can be very strong. Even strong swimmers can get into trouble. On many beaches, you’ll find flags and warnings, which you should always heed. Malaria is present in the more remote areas of Oaxaca.

image-Is Oaxaca safe?
image-Is Oaxaca safe?
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