Is Silver Strand Beach unincorporated?

What is the southernmost beach in Oxnard?

  • Named for the silver screen, Silver Strand Beach is the southernmost beach in Oxnard, hugged by a colorful neighborhood of stunning homes. Silver Strand Beach is a local favorite in Oxnard.

What kind of fish can you catch at Silver Strand Beach?

  • Silver Strand Beach is a great spot to catch surf perch, calico bass, corbina, halibut, and other species of fish. Surf the shore with Sand Crabs or plastic grubs to catch surf perch and corbina. Try the Jetty to catch halibut, Calico Bass and other fish. The best time of year to surf fish is during the spring and summer.

What are the rules for Oxnard County beaches?

  • During the rest of the year, beach wheelchairs may be checked out from Harbor Patrol at 3900 Pelican Way, Oxnard, CA 93035. Dogs on the Beach: Dogs are permitted on leash before 9am and after 5pm. Dog owners must bring waste bags. Open Flames: Open flames are not allowed at County beaches; this includes portable fire pits and portable grills.

Where is the best place to swim at Silver Strand Beach?

  • The best location to swim is by the harbor, safer and life guards close by. Hidden gem, spent alot of time here at Silver strand Beach growing up.

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