Is there a free day at the Cincinnati Zoo?

Is Cincinnati Zoo better than Newport Aquarium?

The Cincinnati Zoo and Newport Aquarium were voted some of the best in the nation, according to USA TODAY readers. On Friday, USA TODAY's 10Best announced that Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden took the top spot in the Best Zoo category and the Newport Aquarium snagged the No. 6 spot on the Best Aquarium category.May 3, 2019

How much is parking at the Cincinnati Zoo?

Parking is $10 and must be paid at the Zoo at any ticketing window or in the parking lot. Both cash and credit cards are accepted.

Do babies get in free at Cincinnati Zoo?

Admission prices are $14/adults, $9/children (2-12), children under two are free and parking is additional. The Zoo opens daily at 9 a.m. For more information, call (513) 281-4700 or visit

Can you take coolers into Cincinnati Zoo?

Visitors can bring their own food, beverages, and coolers into the Zoo.

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Do you have to wear a mask at the Cincinnati Zoo?

Unvaccinated guests should continue to wear masks. Masks will only be required in some close human-animal contact areas. “Pack a mask if you want to participate in giraffe feedings, pet a goat, or interact with the Galapagos tortoises,” said Cincinnati Zoo director Thane Maynard.Jun 1, 2021


How long does it take to walk through the Cincinnati Zoo?

4 to 5 hours if you set a moderate pace.


How old is Fiona the hippo?

Fiona makes an appearance in the Cincinnati Ballet's production of The Nutcracker. Fiona weighs in a little over 1,000 pounds! Fiona turns 2 years old! The famous hippo incorrectly picked the Los Angeles Rams as the 2019 Super Bowl winner.Jan 22, 2021


Does Newport Aquarium have dolphins?

Beware, there's no dolphins, no squid, no jellyfish, and no octopus, despite an octopus being used on numerous signs throughout.Jul 6, 2017


Can you smoke in the Cincinnati Zoo?

NO SMOKING or VAPING! The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is a SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENT Call 1-866-559-OHIO for questions or to report violations. For health and safety reasons, please do not feed the animals or disturb any plants. ... Pets are not permitted on Zoo grounds even if left inside vehicles.


How much does it cost to get into the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati zoo?

The Festival of Lights is included with regular zoo admission. General admission is $12 for children 2-12 and seniors 62 and up, and $17 for adults. Admission that includes rides is $19 for children and seniors, $24 for adults.Nov 16, 2018


Do Cincinnati zoo members get free parking?

All Members receive the following benefits:

Free parking each visit (Parking cannot be guaranteed on high attendance days. Parking is limited to one vehicle per named adult.) Early Entry into Zoo (9 -10am mid-March through October 31) Two half-price guest tickets per day.


Can you bring wagons to the Cincinnati zoo?

Just know that they will stop you at the gate to check the wagon. Safe travels! over a year ago. Yes.

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