What are the best places to do in McAllen Texas?

Is it safe to take a hike in McAllen?

  • Take a Hike in McAllen at These Terrific Spots in the City! With COVID-19 spreading, local playgrounds are closed for everyone’s safety, but walking through McAllen’s various parks and running trails is still an option! Staying home, although safe, can be tough, so why not take a hike in McAllen?

Why choose McAllen for vacation?

  • McAllen has big city feel with tight-knit community vibes that ensure a good time out no matter what you do. Take a look at everything McAllen has to offer and join in on the fun; happy Exploring! Celebrate National Dog Day in McAllen on August 26th!

What are the best escape rooms in McAllen TX?

  • The McAllen Visitors Bureau 18. Douglas Clark Sculpture Studio 19. Trapped RGV Escape Rooms 20. D-Novo Massage Studio 21. Il Regalo Preferito 22. Cine El Rey 23.

What is the McAllen farmer's market?

  • The McAllen Farmer's Market is the place to buy organic, produce and other organic farm products grown and made in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.


What is the McAllen Nature Center?

  • Originally designed to give the community an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, the McAllen Nature Center has become a prominent bird-watching site, and offers many programs for children and adults. There are nearly a mile of ADA-approved nature trails, a cactus garden, forested acres, meadowlands,...

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