What are the top attractions to visit in Boston?

What are the best places to visit in Massachusetts?

  • Courtesy of the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism. Boston Public Garden, located along Charles Street adjacent to Boston Common, is the nation's oldest botanical garden. The famous Swan Boats have returned to Boston Public Garden each spring since they were first invented in 1877 by Robert Paget.

What to do in Boston for a weekend?

  • Things To Do In Boston. 1 1. Freedom Trail. f11photo / Shutterstock. If you’re looking at a map of Boston and wondering where to start, you can hit the ground running with the ... 2 2. Fenway Park. 3 3. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. 4 4. Boston Rowing Center. 5 5. Boston Common. More items

What is there to do in the Boston botanical garden?

  • The garden features walking paths, statues, flowers and willow trees dripping over a quaint pond. Feed the ducks, and ride a swan boat. Alternatively, have a picnic near the hundreds of blooming tulips in the spring. The Freedom Trail is a fun and affordable way to learn about the history of Boston.

  • Get help before you plan your next visit to our great City. The primary private sector marketing and visitor service organization. The Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau’s list of hotels. Dedicated to promoting Massachusetts as a leisure-travel destination. Get updates on events going on in the City.


Can I visit Boston during covid-19?

  • Visitors to the City of Boston should also review the City's reopening website. Please keep these tips in mind if you plan to visit the City. Some tourist attractions may be closed due to COVID-19. We encourage you to reach out to specific sites to learn about how they are handling the situation.


Why should you come to Boston?

  • With our rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and legacy of arts, culture, and education, Boston has something for everyone. We are a city of people. All people. When you get here, whether it's for a weekend getaway or for the foreseeable future, we love you like our own. We see you. We celebrate you. And we want to show you everything.

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