What are veggiehotels ®?

What are the dietary options at a vegetarian-vegan hotel?

  • Many vegetarian-vegan restaurants and organic kitchens of our featured hotels offer other dietary options in addition to vegetarian-vegan cuisine as well, e.g., gluten and lactose free dishes, clean eating, raw and whole foods.

Which is the first hotel group in the world to go vegetarian?

  • Ovolo makes a confident leap to greener grass as the first hotel group to make such a commitment globally, as the first hotel group in the world to go vegetarian.. As the world changes, and Ovolo evolves. Read more Hong Kong KomuneVEDA Sydney, Australia AlibiMister Percy Brisbane, Australia KazbaZA ZA TA Canberra, Australia Monster Bar & Kitchen

Where can I stay in the UK if I'm vegan?

  • Vegan hotel Edinburgh: Claymore Vegetarian Guest house (vegetarian B&B) This vegetarian B&B is vegan friendly and centrally located, 15 minutes' walk from Edinburgh's Princes Street. Vegan hotel Wales: Over the Rainbow (vegetarian guesthouse) Over the Rainbow is a 100% vegetarian guesthouse that's vegan friendly.

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image-What are veggiehotels ®?
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