What can you do with a day pass to Nassau?

Which resort for a day tour in Nassau?

  • If interested, click for a complete list of Resort For a Day tours by Cruise Port. If you’ve gotten this far, we’ll assume you’re “all-in” for a resort day pass. The most popular resort in Nassau is the Atlantis. Most have heard of it and it’s tough to miss. The thing is gigantic. It’s also the most expensive and a bit “commercial.”

How much is a deluxe night pass to Paradise Island?

  • DELUXE NIGHT PASS for adults only, 16+*, on PARADISE ISLAND, NASSAU Bahamas Spend an evening in paradise for $130.00 per person, VAT and gratuities included. Deluxe Night passes are available 6:00pm – 1:00am. Just imagine how you'll spend balmy evenings with cool breezes on Paradise Island....

How safe is Nassau for travel?

  • Nassau is relatively safe. Without doubt, though, you’ll be the safest within a resort. On very rare occasion, you’ll here of crime or accidents in the Caribbean. We’ve never heard of an incident within one of Nassau’s resorts. You’ll find adequate security and privacy within the confines of the hotel property.

image-What can you do with a day pass to Nassau?
image-What can you do with a day pass to Nassau?
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