What cities have direct flights to HNL?

Can you fly non stop from NY to Hawaii?

Nonstop flights from New York generally make it to Honolulu in 17h 14m. The flying distance between the two cities is 4963 miles.

What cities fly direct to Kona Hawaii?

Major air carriers from the U.S. and Canada fly directly into Kona. Most of the direct flights are from the U.S. West Coast — Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, and Anchorage — plus Denver and Phoenix, and seasonally from Vancouver.

Does Hawaiian Airlines fly to Texas?

HONOLULU – Hawaiian Airlines is bringing Hawai'i closer to three more U.S. mainland cities: Austin, Texas; Ontario, Calif.; and Orlando, Fla.Dec 8, 2020

Does Hawaiian Airlines fly to Florida?

Aloha + Sunshine: Hawaiian Airlines Connects Florida and Hawai'i with Nonstop Orlando-Honolulu Flights. ... Hawai'i's hometown carrier this morning welcomed guests with flower lei, and Hawaiian music and dance as they boarded the first scheduled commercial flight connecting Florida and Hawai'i.Mar 13, 2021

image-What cities have direct flights to HNL?
image-What cities have direct flights to HNL?

Does Hawaiian Airlines fly out of SLC?

Fly from Salt Lake City Intl. Airport on Hawaiian Airlines with the help of Travelocity to spend less time worrying about finding the best deal and more time enjoying your vacation!


Does JetBlue fly to Hawaii?

Hawaiian Airlines does not offer domestic flights on the mainland, and JetBlue does not offer flights to Hawaii. The agreement opens up new options for loyalty members of both airlines when traveling to the islands.Dec 1, 2018


Can you drive to Hawaii from California?

It is not possible to drive to Hawaii from mainland United States. You can ship your car over to Hawaii using a freight service or you can fly and pick up a rental car instead. Once you get to Hawaii, there are no car ferries between the different islands.Apr 9, 2020


Where does Delta fly in Hawaii?

Delta operates its largest gateway to Hawaii at Los Angeles International Airport with an average of five daily round-trip departures to four Hawaiian destinations - Honolulu, Maui, Lihue and Kona.Dec 2, 2009


What is the longest flight in the world?

Singapore Airlines Flight SQ23 is currently the World's longest non-stop flight, operated from New York JFK to Singapore Changi, lasting around 18 hours and 50 minutes.Oct 28, 2021


Why is it expensive to fly to Hawaii?

Airfare to Hawaii fluctuates throughout the year, largely as a function of supply and demand. If you visit during peak periods, airfare costs more. During the low seasons, you can often find better deals. And, if you can travel midweek during any time of the year, you'll likely be able to save money.


How long is a plane ride from New York to Hawaii?

The total flight duration from New York, NY to Hawaii is 10 hours, 14 minutes. This is the average in-air flight time (wheels up to wheels down on the runway) based on actual flights taken over the past year, including routes like EWR to HNL.


What airlines fly to Kauai?

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • United Airlines


What airlines are available in Hawaii?

  • Hawaii Airlines. Hawaiian Airlines, Aloha Airlines , Continental Airlines , American West Airlines , American Airlines, American Trans Air, Delta Airlines , and United Airlines fly from the United States to Hawaii. Many major European Airlines that fly to the United States will have layovers in Hawaii, which permits you to get flights to Hawaii.


Which airline should I fly to Hawaii?

  • A number of airlines fly to Hawaii from Los Angeles International Airport , including American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and Continental Airlines. Most airlines fly to Honolulu from Los Angeles, although flights are also available to smaller airports on the islands.


How far is Hawaii from the US?

  • Usa To Hawaii Distance. Distance between Usa and Hawaii is 7768 KM (kilometers) and 134.17 meters. Usa is 4826.9 miles away from Hawaii.


What airlines fly non-stop from Hawaii to the United States?

From Honolulu, you can fly non-stop with Hawaiian Airlines or Southwest Airlines. From Kahului and Kailua-Kona, you can fly with Hawaiian Airlines. From Las Vegas, direct flights are offered by Southwest Airlines.


How many countries does Hawaiian Airlines fly to?

Hawaiian Airlines serves 21 domestic destinations and 11 international destinations in 7 countries, as of September 2021. The following is an overview of all Hawaiian Airlines flights and destinations:


How many airports have direct flights to Honolulu?

Honolulu International Airport is a large airport in United States. It is an international airport. In total there are 60 airports around the world that have direct flights to Honolulu, spread around 58 cities in 13 countries. Currently, there are 36 domestic flights to Honolulu.


What airlines fly from Las Vegas to Hawaii?

From Kahului and Kailua-Kona, you can fly with Hawaiian Airlines. From Las Vegas, direct flights are offered by Southwest Airlines. This is a seasonal route that starts in September and ends in January.

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