What country is the Yukon Territory in?

During the 1897-98 Klondike Gold Rush, thousands of wealth-seekers stampeded through the Yukon—over the brutal Chilkoot Trail from Alaska; through treacherous rapids where the capital, Whitehorse, now stands; and down the Yukon River to Dawson City and its goldfields.

Is the Yukon part of Alaska or Canada?

Yukon, formerly Yukon Territory, territory of northwestern Canada, an area of rugged mountains and high plateaus. It is bounded by the Northwest Territories to the east, by British Columbia to the south, and by the U.S. state of Alaska to the west, and it extends northward above the Arctic Circle to the Beaufort Sea.

Why is the capital of Yukon called Whitehorse?

Whitehorse (French pronunciation: ​[wajtɔʁs]) is the capital and only city of Yukon, and the largest city in Northern Canada. ... The city was named after the White Horse Rapids for their resemblance to the mane of a white horse, near Miles Canyon, before the river was dammed.

What is the difference between the Yukon and Alaska?

Yukon is a federal territory in Canada, North America, while Denali is a mountain in Alaska; also located in the North American region. 2. Yukon has a wider span of territory, spanning several cities, while Denali's territory is limited to the mountain range itself.

What is the capital of Inuit?

Some 25,000 Inuit reside in 26 communities, with Iqaluit as its capital. Nunavut is divided into three regions, Qikiqtaaluk in the east, Kivalliq in the central Arctic along the western coast of Hudson's Bay, and Kitikmeot in the west.

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Why is Whitehorse so dry?

Whitehorse has little precipitation with an average annual snowfall of 145 cm (57.09 in) and 163 mm (6.4 in) of rainfall. According to Meteorological Service of Canada, Whitehorse has the distinction of being Canada's driest city, mainly because it lies in the rain shadow of the Coast Mountains.


What do you call someone from Yukon?

0.08/km2 (0.2/sq mi) Demonym(s) Yukoner.


Is Yukon part of BC?

One of three northern Canadian territories, the Yukon is situated in the northwest corner of Canada's continental mainland. It is situated directly north of the Canadian province of British Columbia, to the east of Alaska and west of the Northwest Territories.


Who controls the Yukon Territory?

In 2003 Yukon was granted control over its natural resources, although public (“Crown”) land in the territory is still deemed to be owned by the federal government. A seemingly small mineral discovery in the central Faro region in the 1960s eventually became one of the world's largest lead-zinc mining operations.


What is the capital of Nova Scotia?

Consisting of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island, each Atlantic province has its own one-of-a-kind lifestyle and culture. However, it is Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, that stands out as the economic center of the Atlantic Region.Oct 21, 2020


Is Dawson City in Alaska?

Is Dawson City in Alaska or Canada? Dawson City is located in the Yukon Territory of Canada. It is however, located very close to Alaska. It is a only 106 km (66 miles) from Dawson City to the Alaska Border along the Top of the World Highway.


What's the difference between the Yukon and the Klondike?

The Klondike (/ˈklɒndaɪk/) is a region of the territory of Yukon, in northwestern Canada. ... The area is merely an informal geographic region, and has no function to the territory as any kind of administrative region. The Klondike is famed due to the Klondike Gold Rush, which started in 1896 and lasted until 1899.


Is it colder in the Yukon or Alaska?

Unsurprisingly, most of the locations outside Canada ranked as coldest on Earth were in Alaska, just over the Yukon border.Jan 18, 2020

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