What county is Billings Montana in?

What elevation is Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs climbs to an altitude of 6,035 feet. Manitou Springs, just five miles to the west of Colorado Springs, is 6,320 feet.

Where is Cascade Canyon Colorado?

Cascade is located about a half an hour north of Durango. From downtown Durango drive north on Highway 550. Go past the Purgatory ski resort for a few miles and there will be a sign for Cascade Canyon at a hairpin turn.

How tall is Pikes Peak in Colorado?

Clocking in at a magnificent 14,115 feet, Pikes Peak is one of the 53 mountains in Colorado that achieves a height of 14,000 feet+, offering it further bragging rights as one of the top 100 mountains in the United States.

image-What county is Billings Montana in?
image-What county is Billings Montana in?
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