What does Dōjōji stand for?

Where is the Dōjō-ji located?

  • The temple Dōjō-ji is located in the town of Hidakagawa, Wakayama Prefecture . Due to the bell in this play, dedicated Noh stages have a hook used for holding this bell in the center of the roof, and a metal loop at upstage left to hold the rope when lowering it; these are used only for this play.

Who is the author of Dōjōji?

  • Dōjōji (Noh play) Dōjōji (道成寺) is a famous Noh play of the fourth category ("miscellaneous"), of unknown authorship. Traditionally it is said to be written by Kan'ami and revised by Zeami, while others assign it to Kanze Nobumitsu; there are many variations in different texts, and a popular adaptation for kabuki theatre.

Why is there a bell in the belfry at Dōjōji?

  • But today is an auspicious day, and the Abbot of Dōjōji has arranged for a new bell to be raised into the belfry. With a great deal of effort, the temple servants succeed into hoisting it into position. For reasons the Abbot will not explain, the dedication service requires the absence of all women from the temple grounds.

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image-What does Dōjōji stand for?
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