What does Nanman stand for?

Where did the Nanman people live?

  • People as far-flung as New Zealand and Hawaii may have been the distant descendants of the Nanman peoples. These animist tribes formed sedentary communities along the Yangtze and Pearl River deltas by 5000 BC, cultivating rice and raising water buffalo.

What did the king of the Nanman look like?

  • The King of the Nanman was clad in mail of rhinoceros hide and wore a bright red casque. In his left hand he bore a shield, and his right gripped a sword. He rode a red ox.

What happened to the Nanman in Southwest China?

  • In southwest China, the Nanman tribes rebelled after the death of Shu Han 's founder, Liu Bei, in 223.The Shu Han chancellor, Zhuge Liang, led a successful expedition to quell the rebellion in 225. One of the leaders of the Nanman, Meng Huo, was captured seven times before he surrendered.

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image-What does Nanman stand for?
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