What does Rio Pilcomayo stand for?

What is the origin of the Pilcomayo?

  • The Jach'a Juqhu River is considered the origin of the Pilcomayo. Upstream the Jach'a Juqhu River successively receives the names Aguas Calientes and Kachi Mayu. From the confluence with the Chillawa (Chillahua), the river is called Pilcomayo.

Where does the Pilcomayo River start and end?

  • Pilcomayo River, Spanish Río Pilcomayo, chief western tributary of the Paraguay River, south-central South America. It rises in the eastern Andes Mountains in Bolivia and flows in a southeasterly direction through the Gran Chaco plains of Paraguay to join the Paraguay River opposite Asunción, after a course of 1,550 miles (2,500 km).

image-What does Rio Pilcomayo stand for?
image-What does Rio Pilcomayo stand for?
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